Month: March 2020

Vehicle simulator script –

  • — Made by Tokumei/Aresuu

  • — Join this group

  • — Instances:

  • local VehicleSimulator =“ScreenGui”)

  • local VSV1 =“Frame”)

  • local GiveAllPerks =“TextButton”)

  • local SuperCar =“TextButton”)

  • local CrateESP =“TextButton”)

  • local Speed =“TextButton”)

  • local SpeedBind =“TextBox”)

  • local Torque =“TextButton”)

  • local Torquet =“TextBox”)

  • local NitroSpeed =“TextButton”)

  • local NST =“TextBox”)

  • local Title =“TextLabel”)

  • local TeleportLT =“TextButton”)

  • local TeleportToCar =“TextButton”)

  • local MadebyTokumeiAresuu =“TextLabel”)

  • local CreditOwners =“TextLabel”)

  • local NitroForce =“TextButton”)

  • local NFT =“TextBox”)

  • local JumpHeight =“TextButton”)

  • local JHT =“TextBox”)

  • local TptoCrate =“TextButton”)

  • local Open =“TextButton”)

  • local Close =“TextButton”)

  • –Properties:

  • VehicleSimulator.Name = “Vehicle Simulator”

  • VehicleSimulator.Parent = game.CoreGui


  • VSV1.Name = “VSV1”

  • VSV1.Parent = VehicleSimulator

  • VSV1.Active = true

  • VSV1.BackgroundColor3 =, 0, 0)

  • VSV1.BackgroundTransparency = 0.10000000149012

  • VSV1.BorderColor3 =, 0, 0)

  • VSV1.BorderSizePixel = 6

  • VSV1.Position =, 0, 0.117529884, 0)

  • VSV1.Size =, 325, 0, 332)

  • VSV1.Draggable =

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    Mind Body Soul Spirit at Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden London. Wellbeing, Balance, Peace and Self Development

    When we opened Buddha on a Bicycle in London’s Covent Garden, we not only wanted to create a shop filled with Buddhas, beautiful crystals and fair trade gifts but we also wanted to create a feeling of community.  We believe we have achieved this with our downstairs space where we offer daily yoga classes, meditations and sessions with therapists, healers and intuitive readers. Buddha on a Bicycle has become a sanctuary where people come not only to shop or attend a weekend workshop but also to meet, talk, relax, become invigorated and hopefully to leave feeling enriched.

    We aim to ensure that all of our Buddhist and Hindu artefacts are ethically sourced, and we care deeply about all of the products that we offer. We are careful to treat all of the artefacts and deities we stock with the reverence they deserve. Many of these items are truly unique,

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    Auto Refresh – Chrome Web Store

    Auto Refresh is the best extension to refresh on a timer

    Auto Refresh is the best extension that helps you auto refresh and auto reload on a timer. 
    Auto Refresh is a simple extension that will give you the chance to auto refresh and auto reload a page automatically on a given interval. There are many extensions that provide its users with auto refresh and auto reload options but this one is the most straight forward, and easiest to use while still allowing for customization! You can customize the auto refresh and auto reload default time and have separate timers running for all of your tabs on every website. With Auto Refresh you will forget about the F5 button.
    Set your auto refresh and auto reload time by clicking the auto refresh icon in your toolbar, setting the minutes & seconds, and hitting start. You can stop the auto refresh 
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    RANS Bikes



    RANS Phoenix, Bentrider Online Recumbent bike of the year, 2018.


    Updated warranty information as of February 2020. 

     The Alterra 26 on our Bargain Bin page has been reduced!

    RANS in action!

    RANS Bikes offers a premier lineup of crank-forward, recumbent, and tandem bikes. High performance design and components set our bikes apart from anything else in the industry.  All of our models are time tested to give you the ultimate in riding comfort, reliability, and style.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs, or visit our web store at for further information.

    *Visit our Bike Page for powder coating choices we offer on select frames.

    10/26/2017 New ITR (Into The Ride) article #114 


    by Jerrell Nichols & Jonathan Garcia

    A frequently asked question we get from potential customers is why a crank forward? What is a crank forward? To answer those questions,

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    Moving Truck Rentals | Budget Truck Rental

  • From Origins in AL, GA, NC and SC
  • To destinations in CT, DC, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT, WI and WV
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    Department of Transportation

    Aloha from HDOT!

    The Hawaii Department of Transportation is responsible to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain State facilities in all modes of transportation, including air, water, and land. Coordination with other State, County, and Federal programs is maintained in order to achieve these objectives.


    To provide a safe, efficient, accessible, and sustainable inter-modal transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, and enhances and/or preserves economic prosperity and the quality of life.

    Coronavirus information and resources
    The HDOT Airports Division (HDOTA) works closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Hawaii Department of Health as well as multiple federal, state, county and private agencies regarding the Coronavirus. The Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) is one of 20 airports in the country with a CDC Quarantine Station. For information regarding the Coronavirus and Hawaii’s airports please click here.

    HDOT Notices

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    Bike Maryland

    Bike Maryland

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    Car Rental Software By Rent Centric

    Car Rental Software

    Running a car rental operation is a complex business and can be stressful when first starting out. Our priority at Rent Centric is to simplify this responsibility for you and make it an overall more enjoyable experience. We provide an easy to use, cost effective system which can be accessed online from wherever you go. Our system combines and delivers a fluid management of your technology, customer service and business processes. In today’s connected world it’s very difficult to run a successful car rental business without a proper car rental management system. This involves many different aspects which can lead to great difficulty without the proper management tools. At Rent Centric, we developed management solutions that can help you in areas of Customer Service, Fleet management, employee performance, distribution partners, online reservations, GPS tracking and accounting and financial reporting. With this, our software keeps every aspect of

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    10 Best Car Shipping Companies of 2020

    We chose the best five auto moving companies after ranking multiple car shippers by cost, insurance protection, shipping experience, customer service, quote process and overall transparency. Our top five car shipping companies are brokers who have experience transporting cars and offer insurance and other assurances. Brokers are skilled at finding the best car carriers for you. If you find an auto transport company elsewhere, make sure they are registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and have an MC (Motor Carrier) docket number. This means they are a legitimate, certified car transportation company.

    Best cross-country car transport

    Company name Contact
    Logo Summary
    • Average cost: $910 and offers multiple discounts
    • Standout feature: Price Lock Promise

    Sherpa provides top-notch customer service, transparent pricing backed by their Price Lock Promise and a thorough carrier vetting process for all types of transports, from cross-country moves to snowbird routes. The

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    First Vehicle Services Fleet Solutions

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