Man traveling 100 mph hits vehicle with Brookline couple, infant inside, police say

a car parked in a parking lot: Manchester crash

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Manchester crash

A Brookline, Massachusetts, couple and their infant were injured Monday when a car traveling in excess of 100 mph crashed into their vehicle in New Hampshire.

A 2020 BMW X3 driven by Patrick Giberson, 36, of Manchester, collided with a Subaru Outback on Interstate 93 in Manchester, causing the Subaru to exit the roadway and roll over multiple times, state police said.

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Several witnesses reported that Giberson was traveling in excess of 100 mph at the time of the crash and fled from the scene on foot into the woods along the highway. Giberson was apprehended in the area a short time later, police said.

The driver of the Subaru, Jonathan Quinn, 41, his passenger, Stephanie Schneider, 39, and their infant daughter were taken to Elliot Hospital.

Schneider suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries, and Quinn and their baby

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DPS uses Grappler device to safely pull over vehicle

An Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper successfully stopped a vehicle pursuit using an immobilization device called the Grappler in June.

On June 28, DPS troopers responded to reports of a vehicle driving erratically on Loop 202 near U.S. 60 Superstition Freeway, according to a DPS news release. 

Troopers tried to pull the vehicle over, but the person continued to drive recklessly and at fluctuating speeds, the release said. 

Trooper Norman Hupp drove close to the back of the vehicle and deployed the Grappler from his bumper to lock the car’s back tire with a net and a 40-foot tether.

The Grappler is a large net located on the front bumper of a patrol car that locks onto the back tire of the car they’re pursuing, forcing the vehicle to slow and ultimately stop.

The device was created by a Phoenix-based company to prevent pursuits from ending in fatalities and

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Delivery is booming. Yet there’s still no perfect car for its drivers.

In 2012, Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers was excited to work with Domino’s to build the ultimate delivery vehicle.

a person riding a motorcycle down a street: The Deliverator has been custom designed to make the food delivery process better for drivers and customers.

© Arcimoto
The Deliverator has been custom designed to make the food delivery process better for drivers and customers.

But soon, things changed, according to Rogers. The ambitions became less lofty, he said. Domino’s decided it would be too expensive to build a vehicle from scratch and was better off spending that money on advertising, he said. Instead, Domino’s opted to modify a Chevy Spark, and it only made 154 of its new delivery vehicle.


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Eight years later, food delivery has exploded in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. US sales from food delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats have doubled this year. But drivers still rely on passenger cars that aren’t well-suited to haul groceries or sensitive items that need to be kept cold or hot.

There hasn’t

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Bosch Consolidates All Automotive Software And Electronics Into New Division

In recent months we’ve been hearing more and more about the software-defined car as the future. Increasingly, almost all systems in the vehicle are being controlled by computers and that has led to a massive proliferation of code and processors. Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier first set out down this path more than 40 years ago and it has now decided to consolidate more than 17,000 employees across disparate groups into a single new Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division. 

Computers first appeared in cars in the 1970s as automakers grappled with the then-new emissions control and fuel economy requirements. The arrival anti-lock brake systems in 1978 from Bosch brought electronics to active safety systems and

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This Bicycle-powered Washing Machine Cleans Your Clothes as You Ride

Photo credit: SpinCycle/Facebook
Photo credit: SpinCycle/Facebook

From House Beautiful

A portable washing machine that attaches to almost any bicycle exists, and people can’t stop talking about it on Twitter. Called the SpinCycle, the device was designed with the intention of saving time, energy, and water in developing countries.

The idea for the machine began in 2010 when Richard Hewitt, a product design student at Sheffield Hallam University at the time, washed around 30 loads of children’s clothes by hand at an orphanage in the African country Burundi. He wanted to come up with a way for people to not have to wash clothes by hand. The device he initially designed was a tricycle with a clothes washing system on the back, but it was redesigned to be more cost effective and efficient. When Hewitt went back to Burundi to test the product in 2012, he “met a young man who

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State releases school transportation guide for local planning amid coronavirus pandemic

State education officials on Wednesday released a set of bus transportation guidance for local officials to use as they put together fall school plans.

The “core health and safety practices” in the document sent by Department of  Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley to superintendents and local school officials includes a requirement all students and staff wear a mask at all times, with exceptions allowed for students with medical or behavioral issues.

Seating will be limited to one student per bench seat, with children from the same household allowed to sit together.

Windows will be required to be open at all times — except for in cases of extreme weather.

Acknowledging the difficulties created by changes, the department suggests local officials consider “strategies such as adding bus routes, staggering schedules, and pursuing a waiver for student learning time requirements if needed.”

DESE also directs districts to make an estimate

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Boston car owners deserve ticket break

The coronavirus pandemic has take an enormous financial toll on many Hub residents — from business closures and furloughs to outright job loss. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh feels your pain — to a point.

A parking ticket on a car in Boston on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 . Staff file photo by Patrick Whittemore.

© Provided by Boston Herald
A parking ticket on a car in Boston on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 . Staff file photo by Patrick Whittemore.

Recently Walsh and the Boston Housing Authority announced they are extending the moratorium on non-essential evictions through the end of 2020.


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“These are extraordinary times,” Walsh said in a statement.

Indeed they are. Tens of thousands are still filing for unemployment benefits in Massachusetts, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council estimates some 18,000 households are having trouble paying their rent in Boston.

Money is tight.

But car-owning Bostonians are getting no such extended fiscal reprieve, as the city will bring back street cleaning tickets Aug. 10. Though the city

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Twisted Automotive Unveils Original Land Rover Defender Based NAE-E Electric SUV


  • It is offered in two variants: NAS-E and NAS-E Plus.

  • Is powered by a Remy BorgWarner electric motor pushing out 217PS/380Nm ( NAS-E) and 324PS/460Nm( NAS-E Plus).

  • Gets modern touches on the inside like an infotainment system, touchscreen EV system management controls and leather seats.

  • Limited to only 30 units and three body shades.

While Jaguar Land Rover celebrates the revival of the Defender moniker with the 2020 Defender, Land Rover’s tuning company, Twisted Automotive, has gone a different route. The company  has taken a vintage Defender and given it an all-electric powertrain. Unveiled as the NAS-E, it is based on the original North American Specification (NAS) short wheelbase Soft-Top 90 Defender variant and is offered in two variants: NAS-E, and NAS-E Plus.

Let’s get to the main crux of this special Defender: its all-electric powertrain. It is powered by a Remy BorgWarner electric motor in two states of tune.

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What Do You Think Of A Modern Monte Carlo?

⚡️ Read the full article on Motorious

A digital rendering of a 2021 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by talented automotive artist TheSketchMonkey.

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo had a cult following, especially when it came to NASCAR fans, especially the late Dale Earnhardt. Produced for six generations, General Motors axed the Monte Carlo in 2007. The last two cars built at GM’s Oshawa Assembly plant were both finished in Precision Red paint over SS trim models. This rendering shows just what the Monte Carlo may look like if Chevy were to produce a 2021 model.

The rendering of this modern Monte Carlo was posted by TheSketchMonkey, a popular automotive digital artist. Finished in bright yellow, there’s no denying what this car is supposed to be without saying as the car was given hints of the sixth-generation Chevy Monte Carlo.

According to the artist, he points out that the C-pillar is

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Here are the state’s full recommendations for school transportation this fall

Massachusetts officials released guidelines Wednesday night about how to safely transport children to and from school during the pandemic.

The guidelines include details about:

The logistics of riding school buses

  • All students — no matter the age — will be required to wear a mask.
  • Each student will have a bus bench to themselves for at least 3 feet of distance between students; students will be assigned bus seats. The guidelines include example diagrams of seating for various-sized buses.
  • Bus windows will be kept open at all times, except in “extreme weather conditions.”

School bus capacity

  • School buses will range from 31 to 43 percent capacity. For example, an 83-passenger bus will have a maximum of 27 passengers (33 percent capacity), and a 14-passenger bus will have a maximum of 6 passengers (43 percent capacity).
  • Schools may need to add buses to routes or stagger start and end times of
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