Transportation service provides convenience to Parsons residents | KSNF/KODE

PARSONS, Ks. — A new transportation service is hoping to bring some convienence to Parsons residents. Parsons’ Transportation Express is like Parsons’ personal uber.

Owner William Cruse says with a large population of elderly residents, limited public transportation, and students at the community college looking to commute to other areas, he saw a need for this service in Parsons.

PTE currently has two vehicles to haul passengers anywhere they want to go. Even though Thursday is his first day in business, William says he’s already receiving calls from potential customers.

William Cruse, Owner, Parsons Transportation Express, said, “I can go to a business and say hey I can deliver your meals if you need it, to the bars, restaurants, any type of business like that. I can take people to their physical therapy appointments, doctor appointments, just basically wherever they need to go.”

PTE operates Monday through Sunday from 7

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DSG Global, Subsidiary Imperium Motor Corp. Enhances Product Portfolio With the New ET5 High Speed SUV Electric Vehicle

DSG Global Inc.

New ET5 High Speed SUV Electric Vehicle
New ET5 High Speed SUV Electric Vehicle
New ET5 High Speed SUV Electric Vehicle

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DSG Global Inc. (OTCQB: DSGT) (“DSGT”), and subsidiary automobile division Imperium Motor Corp., announced that they have placed the initial order for electric vehicles. This includes a combination of the all new High-Speed SUV including the ET5 and other new models as well as our Low Speed Vehicles

“We are excited to begin receiving vehicles for our marketplace in North America and other selected markets. We will begin to finalize our extensive dealer network and expect to sell large volumes of electric vehicles in Q4 2020 and beyond. Imperium also continues to pursue manufacturers and charging station partners which will allow us to leverage our competitive advantages across several electric vehicle vertical markets and become one of the leaders in electric vehicle sales

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Two Weeks After Fox News Showed Joe Biden Cycling, Donald Trump Counters ‘I’ll Never Ride A Bicycle’

He may have sponsored a grandiose U.S. bicycle race in the 1980s but President Donald Trump isn’t likely to be seen on a bicycle any time soon, he pointed out on August 21. And that’s despite Fox News showing a clearly virile and fit Joe Biden riding his bicycle near a reporter earlier in the month.

Trump’s aversion to cycling—and, it so happens, sharks—was delivered in a speech given in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, close to Biden’s Scranton birthplace and hours before the former Vice President was scheduled to give a prime-time speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I’ll never be riding a bicycle,” said President Trump, adding that his worry wasn’t

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16 years later, we failed to take Oprah’s “You get a car!” moment to heart

Oprah Winfrey is arguably the most powerful and influential media magnate of all time.

With an almost subliminal command over the buying temperatures of countless consumers, a word from Winfrey can turn authors into instant millionaires, send cattle prices tumbling, or turbocharge a presidential candidate. She’s been nominated for Oscars, written bestsellers, and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Yet the most memorable moment of Winfrey’s long and profoundly eventful career was when she gave away a bunch of cars on TV.

As of last Sunday, September 13, it’s been 16 years since The Oprah Winfrey Show episode in which the host gave all 276 audience members brand-new Pontiac G6 sedans. It was the same year that Facebook was created, and the year before YouTube was, which means that the entire era of shareable clips and memed social media responses has taken place since the episode first aired. Still, the

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