How luxury car brands use automotive sound design to stay competitive

  • Luxury automakers in the last decade have started to switch out heavy insulation in vehicles for active noise control, or ANC.
  • Much like noise-canceling headphones, ANC utilizes a system of microphones and a digital signal processor to cancel out unwanted noises — like the whirr of tires and the acceleration of an engine — inside a vehicle.
  • Despite the positives, many electric car owners also want control over their sound settings for individual safety and personal preferences. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said vehicle owners can customize their preferred palette of sounds.
  • Emerging trends in audio branding means luxury vehicles will step up to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 
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Each experience offered in a luxury vehicle is tightly controlled by the brand whose badge sits on the hood. Moving beyond the comfort of the seats and the responsiveness of

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Enel X Receives Grants to Support Public Transportation Electrification

Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, has been awarded two grants by the Accelerating Clean Transportation Now (ACTNow) program through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). 

The grants will support the development of public transportation electrification in Massachusetts and coincide with the company’s entrance into public transit electrification in the U.S. with the launch of a portfolio of turnkey services, including e-bus infrastructure planning, procurement, energy supply and management, and software. 

With the grants, Enel X will help develop an innovative approach to public transit fleet electrification planning that will provide the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) insights to optimally electrify a portion of their new fleet and will support the electrification of a portion of Hopkinton Public School District’s bus fleet. 

“Enel X continues to support utilities, businesses and consumers on their path towards zero-emissions driving through our combination of industry expertise, software and hardware,”

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California to ban new gas, diesel vehicle sales by 2035

Worried about manual transmissions going away? Get ready for an extinction event properly worth grieving over, because Gavin Newsom has just announced plans to abolish the internal combustion engine by 2035. In an executive order announced Wednesday, Newsom said sales of internal-combustion passenger vehicles and light trucks would be banned by 2035. Instead of gas and diesel vehicles, the mandate calls for the sale of zero-emission vehicles. Medium- and heavy-duty trucks will be given an extra decade to comply.

Gavin Newsom in a suit standing in front of a screen: Gov. Newsom has put the internal combustion engine on the clock in California. Rich Pedroncelli/AP/Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Gov. Newsom has put the internal combustion engine on the clock in California. Rich Pedroncelli/AP/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Gavin Newsom wearing a suit and tie: The internal combustion engine is now on a clock in California.

© Rich Pedroncelli/AP/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The internal combustion engine is now on a clock in California.

“This is the most impactful step our state can take to fight climate change,” Newsom said. “Our cars shouldn’t make wildfires worse — and create more days filled with smoky air. Cars shouldn’t melt

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Watch for Me NC Program promotes bicycle and pedestrian safety

NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) Drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists in Beaufort, Greenville, New Bern Pine, Knoll Shores, and Washington will be seeing increased safety information as N.C. Department of Transportation kicks off its 2020 Watch for Me NC awareness campaign.

Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists will see and hear safety messages that will better educate them on relevant laws and safe behaviors. 

  • Delivery bag inserts: Watch for Me NC inserts with driver, bicyclist and pedestrian safety tips are going in food delivery bags (English and Spanish).
  • Car toppers: Ride share vehicles will have toppers on their vehicles that share important safety reminders for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
  • Pandora radio: During ad breaks, listeners will hear bike and pedestrian safety tips.

“It’s great to be partnering with Beaufort, Greenville, New Bern, Pine Knoll Shores and Washington to proactively deliver safety messages to help raise awareness and reduce fatalities among pedestrians and bicyclists in

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Best car wash soap in 2020

Cars get dirty (and smelly). You can baby your car as much as possible, but dust, dirt and all kinds of other crud will find its way onto the paintwork. The easiest way to keep a car looking clean is a nice and simple hand wash. But before you reach for the dish soap and grab an old bucket, we have some suggestions. With the number of cars that motor through the Roadshow garage, we have to keep them looking top notch, so we’ve compiled our six best car wash soaps.

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There is an absolute abundance of car wash soaps for sale and we’ve narrowed it down to six of our top products. There’s something for everyone, so scroll down below to learn more about them.

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