Mayor’s Office Releases Longer Draft of Transportation Plan

Mayor John Cooper’s office has released a new and expanded draft of his $1.6 billion transportation plan, offering more details on proposed changes to public transit, sidewalks and more.

The new version of the plan includes further information on the $180 million “Better Bus” plan, which would expand the city’s fleet of buses, increase the amount of bus-stop shelters and expand service hours, among other improvements.

The plan also proposes $75 million for traffic safety and Vision Zero initiatives. Cooper pledged to pursue a Vision Zero plan — an international initiative to reduce traffic deaths — following a deadly year for pedestrians in 2019. The draft notes that traffic-calming plans and the installation of so-called smart signals would be in line with Vision Zero goals. Pedestrian safety remains a concerning issue in 2020 — a Tuesday morning hit-and-run on Dickerson Pike accounted for the third pedestrian fatality on that roadway

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Here’s How Audi’s Vehicle-to-Everything Tech Will Boost Road Safety

Photo credit: Audi
Photo credit: Audi

From Autoweek

If there is one piece of car technology we remember being promised about a decade and a half ago that is slowly coming true without hype, vaporware or unrealistic promises of transforming the automotive industry overnight, it’s cellular vehicle-to-everything technology, known in tech circles as C-V2X. It has the added benefit of sounding like the name of a background droid from Star Wars, and refers to the ability of cars to communicate with infrastructure, such as traffic lights and traffic monitoring systems, to increase safety and efficiency.

You might already take real-time traffic displays in your navigation system for granted, but C-V2X takes that a step further, allowing cars to communicate with each other and to communicate with traffic-related devices in their surroundings. This technology has already seen a limited rollout in Audi Q8 vehicles, displaying a countdown to green traffic lights to allow

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Nissan 240SX Rekindles the Spirit of the Original Z-Car

a car parked in a grassy field: From the C/D Archives: Our original test of the Nissan 240SX.

From the C/D Archives: Our original test of the Nissan 240SX.

From the February 1989 issue of Car and Driver.

There’s a sequence in Out of Africa in which Robert Redford buzzes a clearing in a biplane, thumps down, and taxis up to his startled paramour, Meryl Streep. Delighted, she marvels at his unexpected arrival at the controls of an airplane:

“Where did you get it?”


“When did you learn to fly?”


a close up of a car: nissan-240sx-se-interior-photo-618544-s-986x603


Well, hedgehoppers, that’s Nissan. It, too, just learned to fly. Or relearned. From the Maxima (C/D September 1988) to the 300ZX (check here next month) to this 240SX, all of Nissan’s new fliers tower with talent—as its legendary 240Z did under the Datsun banner two decades ago.

In 1969 the original Z-car, quick and light and looking right, captured the imaginations of the world’s sports-car fanatics. In a

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