After Failing in Mobile, BlackBerry Wants to Conquer the Automotive World

While the Canadians are now working on another “modern” Android device with a QWERTY keyboard, the company is also trying to explore other markets, including the automotive one.

What BlackBerry wants to do is compete against the likes of Android and Linux to power the driving experience on electric vehicles, so most recently, it signed a deal with Desay SV Automotive to build the autonomous driving domain controller for the Xpeng P7 built by Xpeng Motors.

In other words, BlackBerry will bring in the necessary operating system, Desay will contribute with the automatic driving control unit, called IPU-03, and together they plan to offer a unique driving experience in the Chinese electric vehicle.

One of the best things about QNX is that it’s fully focused on security, something that has been part of BlackBerry’s DNA for many years already.

At a time when cars are getting smarter thanks to the

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Orland police arrest Berry Creek man caught in middle of pot transportation

ORLAND, Calif. – A man is waking up behind bars after being arrested on drug charges.

Around 7:55 p.m. Wednesday, an Orland police officer and his K9 partner, Dutch, were returning to Orland when they said they found a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 towing a horse trailer that did not have any running or brake lights. 

Authorities said during a traffic stop, 41-year-old Oscar Estrada, of Berry Creek, admitted to having around 80 pounds of marijuana in his trailer and a large amount of cash.

The Glenn County Major Crimes Task Force arrived and took over the case.

Inside the vehicle, authorities located 11 large trash bags of marijuana along with over $12,000 in cash, a meth pipe, and a switchblade knife.

Estrada was arrested and booked into the Glenn County Jail. The vehicle and contents were turned over to the Task Force for their investigation.

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Pedego Element launched as company’s lowest priced electric bike ever

Pedego’s most popular electric bicycle models usually fall in the $3,000+ range, but the company’s newest e-bike is priced at just half of those figures. Rolling into bike shops today, the Pedego Element is a shot across the bow of the major value-oriented e-bike companies.

Pedego Element e-bike launched

The Pedego Element is listed at just $1,495, which is pricing territory currently dominated by rival Rad Power Bikes.

But Pedego is hoping that its network of over 120 retail locations in the US will give it a leg up in this new market.

That advantage could be important, especially since the specs don’t necessarily place the Pedego Element above and beyond other offerings in the field.

As a Class 2 e-bike, the Pedego Element includes both a hand throttle and pedal assist, with both offering a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

pedego element

The 500W rear hub motor is powered

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What you need to know before getting your first car insurance policy

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If you’re considering buying your first car, your first car insurance policy should be the next thing on your mind. 

Car insurance might seem complicated — there are hundreds of companies that offer policies in each state and many moving parts to the price you’ll pay each month. But, it’s actually quite straightforward once you narrow down what you need in an insurance policy, determine your monthly budget, and start shopping. 

There are four things you should do in the process of shopping for car insurance to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

Decide on a level of coverage you’re comfortable with or need

Not all car insurance policies are

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