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All-Pro Auto Transport is one of the nation’s leaders in car transport and all types of car shipping services. All-Pro Auto Transport is now a division of the #1 door-to-door auto shipping company in America, Direct Express Auto Transport.

Car transport services are fully insured with no deductible to the customer and we offer complimentary door to door car shipping service to fit all your auto transport needs. Competitive prices and top car shipping service makes All-Pro Auto Transport a great choice.

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Poster: Carole
Thanks to your service many hours of stress were

removed. The driver we were assigned was truly

a gift from God.

The price of the service was well within reason and

the service was very prompt.

If we had a question we got to talk to a real person

and not a machine.

Thanks ever so much!


Poster: Papool
$625 from Fremont, CA to Wylie, TX, not only a bargain in terms of price but also great customer service and everything went without a hitch. We did our homework and of course they tell you not to take the lowest estimate, but it helps when the low estimate has TONS of great reviewers.

Sure enough everything everyone said was true. The people were great, the driver was really nice and accomodated my parents who shipped the car and us who picked it up. I would definitely use this company again and would recommend it to anyone moving their car!

Poster: Jacob
I Bought a car on eBay from Indiana, so I started researching auto transport companies. Direct Express had the lowest quote and they include insurance and door to door service. Other companies charge an extra $150 or more for door to door service.

It was almost too easy. I got an instant quote on there web site, paid $150, got an email the next day stating a truck has been assigned. A day after that I got a call from the truck driver, Mark, he was very friendly. He said he’d be here in 3 or 4 days, which is great because I was expecting it to take a couple weeks based on reviews of several other companies. Mark called me again the next day to tell me that he would arrive Sunday at 11:00 AM, just 4 days after the pick up date. Sure enough, at 11:00 AM sharp, Sunday morning the truck rolled up in front of my house. While unloading the car, Mark told me some interesting stories about his trip… and his ex wife, I paid him the remainder of the fee in cash + a tip.

Direct Express is a broker, so they assign a company to you. They assigned Parkway Auto Transport to ship my car. I checked out Parkway’s web site and it seems to be much cheaper to go through Direct Express than to go directly through Parkway.

Note: All-Pro Auto Transport is the same as Direct Express. I guess Direct Express acquired them:

Poster: Brian
I was very satisfied with the service and the price and the very timely delivery and excellent communication with the driver.

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