Auto-Ware (Autoware Inc) race car software data acquisition and engineering seminars for circle track, road racing, sports cars and muscle cars, engine, chassis and suspension, driver coaching

Auto-Ware (Autoware Inc) race car software data acquisition and engineering seminars for circle track, road racing, sports cars and muscle cars, engine, chassis and suspension, driver coaching




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March  2020

Data Webinars!

The highly acclaimed  Data Acquisition classes are starting again. The next session start week of March 24th . Data technology is common in the professional ranks and now you
be a data pro, too!

HERE ffor more info and special price.  Act Fast!  Previous session have sold out and this month is already filling up..

What people from the previous session said

The profiles which you gave (showed) me are
applicable and indispensable.  I have gone from mid-pack to the front in
four races.”


“This is absolutely amazing, I had no idea my system would do this.  I don’t know why I waited so long to do this (webinar).”


“What I’ve seen so far out paces all the sales and tech people I’ve ever talked to, I can’t wait for the last two classes.”


“I’m learning a lot with your seminar.  I wish I had found it sooner.”


“I am loving the webinar and I wished I had taken it sooner.  It has been opening all kinds of windows.”


“I’ve taken, as have several other FPR members , John’s class. It is a great course. Good material, well expalined, lots of examples, no sales


I can’t believe how much I was missing
regarding the capability of my DA system.


I strongly recommend John’s classes, they have been a huge help on getting my
data system up and running. He gives away a ton of information that would have
taken years to learn. Definitely worth the price of admission!


If you have one of these systems you may have been like me and just using a
small percentage of the available capacity of the analysis software. I am amazed
at what can be done with the advanced math formulas and custom profile pages. “


“I am positive that it will be the most cost effective lap time improvement that you
have ever purchased. I would encourage any one with one of these systems to join
the class. “


Sign up HERE

Suspension Software

Chassis software that takes suspension to a new level!

After years in development the new Front Suspension Geometry Pro  is now available.


You wanted to know what happens to your roll center when you change ride height or tilt, and now in 6 clicks you have your answer.


This chassis software has raised the bar for suspension software everywhere.   You said you wanted an EZ button, well we went one better and developed an OPTIMIZE button.


You can even run the software like a VCR and watch your chassis and suspension dive and roll in the corners.  Plus, you can run two set-ups at once to find improvements.


Don’t let the get competition the jump order today!

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Data Acq Classes

Make huge improvement


Wow, this one trick in the data is worth the price alone!               IM, GA


I was somewhat familiar with the Race Studio interface, but I had no idea…You have opened our eyes… Thank you.                      RS,


I realize now, that for as long as we have been doing DA on our racecar (at least 5 years now with AiM) that we have not been utilizing the system in any capacity.                 CP, Canada


I probably will not suggest your webinars to anyone right now because I want to keep an edge over my competition.      (Protected), PA


At ThunderHill I would say that there is about 1 second
contribution from what I learned from the Webinars… This past weekend at Infineon I improved my personal best by over 2
seconds, huge!    (Protected), CA


I thought the webinar was great.  I definitely picked up new ideas. PT, IL


I want to thank you for the very informative class…
  It definitely made me aware of the potential of the system.  Up
till now, we’ve used the system mostly as a engine health monitor… and as a very expensive lap timer.   AB, NY


I very much enjoyed the seminars and learned quite a bit of new tips on data acquisition and data analysis techniques.  SN, Canada


Don’t miss the next session of classes. Clickherefor more info.


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Pro Racing Tips

John Block’s first law of vehicle dynamics:

“The car tries to go where the wheels are pointed  *  ** “

* Actually where the contact patches are pointed, not the rims

** So long and the tires have grip/traction, otherwise see Newton’s laws

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Don’t let the get competition the jump!  Take advantage of bundling a driver coach, data analysis and engineer into one consultant and move your racing to a new level. Call 505-890-8708


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