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A New Approach In Controls
The Auto-Zone System is a new approach in HVAC controls to provide engineers, contractors, and end users a control system with many of the benefits of building automation without the high cost and complexity. Auto-Zone is an “Application specific control system”. This means you order a control system package, based on the application, which is ready to install and start up without the expense and hassles normally associated with building automation systems.

Auto-Zone Systems are currently offered in four system configurations. Depending on the building size, use or comfort requirements, one of the four following systems is the best choice. The following information describes each system and its uses and capabilities.

Auto-Zone CV

This system is used in applications which only require the control of single zone HVAC units, typically roof top units. The CV system can control up to thirty single zone, constant volume HVAC units. The Auto-Zone CV is a superior alternative for buildings where multiple programmable thermostats would have normally been installed.If you need to control more than thirty single zone constant volume units you can use the CV-EX which allows up to 120 units.

Auto-Zone CV-EX

This system is used in applications which have more than thirty single zone HVAC units. The CV-EX system can control up to sixty single zone, constant volume HVAC units, and each loop expansion kit allows for thirty more single zone HVAC units to be added to the system. A maximum of two loop expansion kits may be added to a CV-EX system allowing for a total of up to 120 single zone HVAC units on the system.

Auto-Zone Basic

This system is used in applications where you have one constant volume HVAC unit and need to independently control individual zones. The Basic system controls up to sixteen zones. The Zone Manager is housed in a aluminum metal enclosure and has a keypad and display to allow complete programming and status monitoring. Nine individual LED’s are also provided for visual confirmation of key system operational functions.

Auto-Zone Plus

This system combines both multiple zone control and single zone, constant volume control in one integrated system. You can control up to 30 zoned HVAC units with each unit having up to 16 zones. In addition to the 16 zones you can also control up to a maximum of 13 single zone, constant volume units per zoned HVAC unit controller.

These four configurations can cover a broad range of building types such as offices, retail stores, schools, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

Add-on Devices

In addition to the ability to connect and communicate with all the HVAC equipment on the building or facility, WattMaster VAV systems can be used to enhance HVAC equipment operation or control other equipment with the addition of various Add-on Devices available from WattMaster. These devices include the Lighting Panel Controller, Optimal Start Scheduler, GPC and GPC-17.

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