Bicycle Repair Man!

Bicycle Repair Man!
Bicycle Repair Man, a Refactoring Tool for Python

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Questions and Answers:

What’s Python?

What’s a Refactoring Browser?

What’s a Refactoring?

What’s the overall idea of Bicycle Repair Man?

Why Bicycle Repair Man?

Where can I find even more info?


What’s Python?

Python is a programming language. To find out more about it, go to
the Python Homepage.


What’s a Refactoring Browser?

A Refactoring Browser is an editor that automates Refactorings. The
first Refactoring Browser was written by Dr. Don Roberts and Dr. John Brant
at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Don Roberts wrote
his Ph.D. thesis on the design and implementation of the Refactoring Browser.
For more detail, read the aforementioned thesis.


What’s a Refactoring?

For information on Refactoring, check out the websites of
and his Refactoring Site.


What is Bicycle Repair Man?

The Bicycle Repair Man project is an attempt to create refactoring browser functionality for python. It is packaged as a library that can be added to IDEs and editors to provide refactoring capabilities. Bindings for Emacs and Vi are included with the package.


Why Bicycle Repair Man?
The Bicycle Repair Man was a superhero in a
Monty Python skit, his special power was repairing bicycles. The
Python Refactoring Browser is supposed to be good at only one thing as

Where Can I find even more info?
Bicycle Repair Man was started from a
on the Wiki. The Wiki has
huge amounts of marvelous knowledge.

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