Car Games, Car Travel Games, and Free Printable Road Trip Games for Kids

Car Bingo - free printableFree
Printable Car Games

selection of goodies you can print and take with you including road trip
bingo, car bingo, lines and dots, scavenger hunt lists, Battleships, rules
for card games, tic tac toe, coloring pages, a travel map, licence plate
lists, and more printable travel games. All created by Momsminivan
Cootie Catcher fortune teller instructionsHow
to Make a Cootie Catcher!

instructions and a video, instructions for how to play, and some printable
cootie catcher templates. Your cootie cather fortune teller says that today
is your lucky day! Show them how to make a cootie catcher just  once,
and you’ll have an activity that will keep your kids busy in the car for
Creating a Trip JournalTrip
Journal for Kids
: Making Memories

Help your kids make their
own travel diary or journal. This activity that will not only keep your
children busy in the car on a long trip, but it will preserve their memories
for a lifetime. It’s easy and fun.

String GamesString
Game Figures

You just need a string or
a piece of yarn for this travel  game.  See if you can make 
“Cat Whiskers”, “Cup and Saucer” or play Cats Cradle! And check out the
detailed video ind printable instructions for How
to Do Jacob’s Ladder

Hunt for Road Trips

Give each child a list of
items to watch for while driving. The list can be made up ahead of time
and adjusted for the scenery. Here’s a sample list of items to hunt for!

Scavenger hunt suggestions

foil funCar
Trip Games With Aluminum Foil!

Grab some foil for fun on
your road trip! All you need is a roll of cheap aluminum foil and a little
kid creativity. See photos and read about some of the things your kids
can make! 
opera girl

Trip Ain’t Over ’til Somebody Sings!

Trip Songs! Sing along and you’ll be there before you know it. There’s
a lot more to singing in the car than just what’s on the radio…Free printable
song sheets for foad trips


Get side-tracked by weird
stuff on road trips and remember that getting there really is half the

counting cows car gameCounting
Cows Car Game

What’s the best way to count
cows?  With a COW-culator of course! Here’s how to play the countin’
cows timeless road trip game, and some funny cow jokes to tell while you

Studios Orlando Tips

Planning a trip to see the
Wizard World of Harry Potter? We’ve been there! Check our my tips to help
make your trip traveling with children more fun

Got ButterBeer?

is Butterbeer?
What does butterbeer taste like? A review of this tastey
treat from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Disney tips with kidsDisney
Tips with Kids

A few tips to make your
Disney experience a little easier and less expensive, without sacrificing
your fun factor.
licence plate gameLicense
Plate Game

Includes a printable page
to mark your license plate sightings! 

Battleship Game

You sank my battleship!
Instructions and  free printable page to play this game just like
you remember !

Cleaner Creatures

Get your kids wired on your
next road trip! This activity will keep them busy for hours.

Much Farther?

Make an interactive model
of your vehicle on a trip! Show your child exactly how much ground you’ve
covered, and how much more you have to go! 
Pirates of the Caravan

of the Caravan

How to make like Roger and
have a jolly good time in the car on a road trip. 

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr we there

motion sickness tipsCar
Sickness Treatments

Sorry I brought it up! Readers
were asked to submit their best car sickness prevention tips and their
worst barf stories! 

Flying with kidsTips
for  Flying With Kids

Too far to drive? Here are
some tips to help you decrease some of the turbulence you might experience
when traveling by air with your kids. 

Traveling with kids to New York City

With Kids to New York City

Our family’s experience
as tacky tourists in NYC 
Stretch Your
Dollar on the Road

Gas Prices Got you down?  
Tips for saving money on road trips
pirate girl

of Kentucky Lake

A tale of our family’s travel
adventure on the high seas. 

Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

How to play a twist on the
old classic game. A perfect road trip game

Camping Food to make with kids

Fun food to make over the
campfire with kids! Here are some kid-tested  campfire recipes they’ll

to Make a Harry Potter Scarf out of Fleece

You can make this nifty
keepsake for your road trip to Universal Studios!

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