There are many things to consider when purchasing a tractor. The size of the farm, the type of terrain, and the crops grown are just a few factors that come into play. Another important decision is what brand of a tractor to buy. There are many reputable brands on the […]

  Do you need to get a car? Are you looking to rent instead of buying one? Need tips on what to do and where to begin?  If you have these questions running through your head, then you need to read this article to the end.  There are different reasons […]

A cheap car does not necessarily mean a bad car. Getting a new car is great, but not everyone can afford it. There are great options for cheap cars that will serve the buyer’s purpose. There are many things to consider before buying a car, new or cheap just ensure […]

Having spent years—and tens of billions of dollars—preparing for a shift in production toward electric vehicles, German car makers are expressing a new angst: that digitally “connected cars” could prove even more disruptive to their traditional strengths. This second leg of their race against Tesla could become a fresh excuse […]

Tyres are something that we rarely ever think about. When we buy a car we just kind of assume that they’re going to do the job, and we never really think twice about it. If you want to buy new ones, it really is as simple as going to a […]

SEATTLE (AP) – Denny Triangle’s iconic pink elephant soon will have a new home. The Elephant Car Wash on Battery Street near Denny Way will close permanently, the company announced in a news release Thursday, after rumors swirled surrounding a demolition permit for the site filed Wednesday. The pink elephant […]

Last month, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered California’s Air Resources Board to issue regulations requiring all new cars to be emission-free by 2035. The order creates powerful opportunities to accelerate the transition beyond polluting gasoline. It communicates to automakers, the oil industry, and drivers that the gas-car era has an end […]

(Bloomberg) — France will gradually cut hybrid and electric-car subsidies in the coming years, posing risk to a segment that’s growing but remains a relatively small portion of one of Europe’s top auto markets. © Bloomberg Renault SA Car Showroom as Zoe Sales Beat Electric Rivals The government plans to […]

© Hyundai The automaker says the RM20e prototype shows the next-Generation N performance Hyundai dropped its RM20e Racing Midship Sports Car at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2020. RM refers to the N prototype’s “Racing Midship” rear-drive, midship powertrain configuration the company says is designed to yield ideal handling, balance […]

Whether you’ve flown somewhere — before various coronavirus measures decimated travel — had your car in the shop or just needed to take a trip out of the city, chances are you’ve had to rent a car at some point. If you have, you know that the rental car company […]

Cars get dirty (and smelly). You can baby your car as much as possible, but dust, dirt and all kinds of other crud will find its way onto the paintwork. The easiest way to keep a car looking clean is a nice and simple hand wash. But before you reach […]

With schools closed, restaurants shut down and an economic collapse looming in the early weeks of the pandemic, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced plans to stop ticketing, booting and impounding cars throughout the city to ease financial pressures on Chicagoans. © Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS A city parking […]

A car crashed Monday morning into a Little Caesars restaurant on Red Pump Road in Bel Air. Load Error SkyTeam 11 video shows a car fully into the restaurant. Sign up for our Newsletters The Harford County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were dispatched at 10:04 a.m. to the unit block […]

© evgeny_pylayev, Getty Images/iStockphoto Police yellow line Detroit police are investigating six shooting incidents that left two people dead and four injured overnight and into the early morning Sunday. According to police, a 35-year-old woman was killed in a drive-by shooting around 2:30 a.m. Sunday as she stood outside in the 7700 block of Woodmont […]

© Luxury living only three minutes from Lake Allatoona, three minutes from I-75 and 20 minutes from Town Center. GEORGIA — This week’s Georgia Wow Houses feature plenty of privacy, an electric car charging station, wooded enclave and some of the oldest homes. 3 Bedroom Decatur House Includes Electric […]

© Provided by Dayton Daily News Dayton Daily News Bethesda, MD – With gas prices remaining low, motorists should take advantage of their savings and invest it back into their vehicles. By spending a little now to increase fuel efficiency, drivers can multiply fuel savings and save more money at […]