City Of Fairfax Seeking Input On The Bike Fairfax City Bicycle Transportation Plan

The City of Fairfax is seeking input on the Bike Fairfax City bicycle transportation plan. This plan is being developed to help identify a comprehensive bicycle network and prioritize projects to connect this network with on- and off-street bicycle facilities. Whether you currently ride a bike in Fairfax City, are interested but concerned about safe bicycle routes, or have ideas about how bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles can share the city’s roads and trails more comfortably, we want to hear from you.

The city is obtaining input through a short survey and an interactive map available online:

The city’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan envisions a “Green Ribbon” network that connects neighborhoods, provides more transportation options, and improves access to key destinations like schools, transit centers, and commercial and activity centers. The Bike Fairfax City plan will help advance this vision by identifying gaps and prioritizing projects to expand the network. Potential projects could include new trail connections, shared use paths, bike lanes, bicycle boulevards, intersection improvements, or other types of facilities.

The survey has questions about bicycling comfort level, types of preferred facilities, motivations for biking, and barriers that make bicycling more difficult. On the interactive map, respondents can identify routes that they currently use, routes that they would like to be improved, intersections or other points that need improvement, and key destinations. The survey and map will be open for feedback for a few weeks this summer. Recommendations will be shared with the public later in the year.

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