Committee receives donation of two bicycle repair stations | Local

The Lodi Parks Committee received a donation of two bicycle repair stations to use in area parks as it sees fit.

Committee member Mike Bilkey said during an Aug. 4 meeting that the stations are generally connected to electricity for air, or there can be a hand pump available. There is a place to lock your bike into for repairs, with wrenches included.

The committee also decided where to place the repair stations.

“In talking about doing what we want to do in Doctors Park, we could put one there and we can put the other one in the Goeres Park or Habermann Park area,” Mike said. “I’ve seen them in a lot of towns and they get a lot of use, depending on where they are located.”

Bilkey added that the stations are usually bolted into the cement, which provides the committee flexibility if there was ever a need to move them.

Chairperson Steve Clemens said the committee will move forward with the accepted donation of the two stations and the installation at the two parks. It was suggested that Bilkey talk with the family who made the donation and with the public works department to take on the project.

The committee also talked about how to update Doctors Park, located at the corner of South Main Street and Corner Street.

Bilkey noted how the city needed to bring back bicyclists to the area so they can patronize the downtown businesses. Fellow committee member Bill Welch added that the park needs to be “more of a community gathering place.”

Alderperson Rich Stevenson said that the area is underutilized and not maintained as well as it should be. He added that if a few benches and trees were added, it would help the look of the downtown area.

Clemens, who was newly appointed as chairperson, put together a spreadsheet regarding the city parks and the schedule of improvements needed at each one.

The Parks Capital Improvement Plan, along with the Asset Life Cycle Management, was presented at the Aug. 4 meeting.

Clemens highlighted some features that needed immediate attention, and attention in the near future. He also wanted the other members of the committee to review the spreadsheet and make a list of 5 or 10 items they thought needed the most attention and bring it back to the September meeting.

“I don’t want us to be in the position where everything needs to be done at once, because once at that point, then it seems like nothing gets done,” Clemens said.

Dog park discussion continues

The committee continued its discussions about bringing a dog park to the city at its Aug. 4 meeting.

At the July meeting, there were two possible locations — a portion of the property owned by the Groves Farm and the lot that used to house the old feed mill between Sauk Street and Second Avenue.

Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd said that after talking with her siblings, they have decided to withdraw their property as a possible site for a dog park. It was not in their best interest to have a dog park on the property.

Alderperson Suzanne Miller was not in favor of having the dog park at the old feed mill lot because it is too small and does not have enough shaded areas.

Committee Chairman Steve Clemens then asked if it was feasible to raise the anticipated $50,000-$80,000 needed to construct a dog park in whichever area they choose.

The committee has been in agreement to not use general funds and to hopefully raise the money, much like the school district did to fund the new turf being installed at the high school stadium. It’s also the reason that they feel raising the money off community efforts is possible.

But before they decide on a final location, Stevenson said that a discussion needs to be had with anybody in the neighboring area to see if they are receptive to the idea of having a dog park near their homes.

“Everyone wants a dog park, but not near them,” Bilkey added.

Welch stated that the committee must decide on a location first, because everything else “is a moot point” until then.

Clemens said the committee should hold off pursuing the park until next year.

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