Compare car insurance quotes

How do I compare car insurance to get the best cover for me?

The most important aspect of car insurance is making sure your have the right cover. If you focus too much on price, you may end up getting inadequate cover, which could cost you hundreds of pounds when you make a claim.

All UK drivers must have car insurance, unless the vehicle is officially registered as ‘off the road’. There are three levels of car insurance cover to compare:

Third party: While this is the most basic level of cover, it’s not always the cheapest car insurance when you compare quotes. It typically covers any compensation you may have to pay out to a third party, for causing any damage or injury. It also fulfills the minimum legal insurance requirements for UK drivers.

Third party, fire and theft: This kind of car insurance is exactly like third party. The only difference is that it also covers your car in case it is damaged by fire or stolen.

Comprehensive: A comprehensive car insurance policy will cover the cost of damage to your own vehicle, including in cases where an accident was your fault. Fully comprehensive insurance covers events like fixing your car after a collision, and damage by vandals. In some cases it may also allow you to drive other cars under the same policy.

How can I get the best car insurance quote?

Finding cheap car insurance and the best price for you means knowing what insurers look for when deciding how much to charge you in premiums, and how to compare quotes.

Make yourself a low risk driver

Car insurance companies like low risk drivers. They are less likely you are to make a claim, the cheaper your car insurance will be.

Some things you can do to lower the cost of car insurance include:

  • Adding safety features to your car like an alarm
  • Parking it in a driveway or garage
  • Choose a cheaper popular model.
  • Lower driving mileage

Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who have taken an advanced driving course, or who agree to have a telematics,or ‘black box’, fitted to monitor safe driving.

How to get cheap car insurance

Use the car insurance comparison tool to compare car insurance quotes from a wide range of companies to get a cheap deal. Read the Key Features document to ensure that it also offers all of the right coverage for you so it pays out when you need it.

Car insurance is typically more expensive for the over 70s and under 25s, so they should compare quotes from a number of insurance companies.

If you are renewing your car insurance, it helps to shop around and go back to your current insurer and ask them to beat the best quote you find.

Other ways to cut the cost of car insurance include:

Pay your premiums annually: Paying for your car insurance in full for the whole year, rather than in monthly installments, can save you money.

Make sure you don’t have add ons that you don’t use: Compare what is included in each car insurance quote – are you paying for add-ons you don’t need or which are covered by other insurance you have? Maybe you could get breakdown cover separately and cheaper elsewhere.

Protect your no-claims discount: When you compare quotes for car insurance, make sure you can carry your no-claims bonus – the discount given to drivers who don’t claim on their insurance – to your new insurer. You may want to pay an extra premium to keep this no-claims bonus if you haven’t claimed for a long time, around five years. The longer you don’t make a claim the better the discount on your car insurance premiums, from around 30% off after one year to 65% or more after five years.

Multi-car cover: If your family has several cars all registered to the same address, multi-car insurance could be a good way to get a cheap deal for each of the drivers.

Typically multi-car insurance will let you insure up to six cars on a single policy. Multi car insurance is flexible, so each driver will be able to choose their own level of cover and excess – the amount you agree to pay to cover the costs of repairs before the insurance company pays out.

Each driver builds up their individual no claims discount, so if one car is involved in an accident, none of the other drivers will suffer a penalty to their no claims discount.

How to get car insurance quotes

To find the best deal on cheap car insurance, the easiest way is to use a car insurance comparison. Comparing car insurance quotes will help you find all of the car insurance deals available and give the option to choose the deal that’s right for your needs and affordability.

In order to run a car insurance comparison for your circumstances, you’ll typically have to provide a few details. This can include:

  • You cars make and model: Often you can simply enter in your car’s registration number, but the make and model is usually enough.

  • Your car’s usage: This typically include the purpose you use your car for, whether it’s for general commuting or if you use it as part of your employment or business. It can also include your annual mileage.

  • Your personal details: Your name, age, address and employment.

  • Your driver’s licence: The type of licence you can impact your car insurance.

How do I find cheap car insurance for young drivers?

To find car insurance for a young driver, the easiest way to start would be to compare car insurance quotes online.

Younger drivers can find it hard to access cheap car insurance quotes, because insurers see them as more risky and so more likely to make a claim.

To start with younger drivers will not have any no-claims discount, which makes finding cheap car insurance harder. Driving safely and avoiding accidents or getting points on their licence will allow younger drivers to slowly build up this discount, making car insurance cheaper in future.

Getting your name on the policy of another vehicle owner as a second driver can also unlock cheap car insurance deals, because you can piggyback off of the named driver’s no-claims discount. The named driver must be aged over 25 and have a good driving record.

Telematics insurance, or black box insurance offers younger drivers cheap car insurance deals if they have a device fitted to their car to monitor safe driving.

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