Department of Motor Vehicle process makes it impossible for handicapped people

Fredric J Geiger
Published 6:30 a.m. ET Aug. 16, 2020


People arriving at the Motor Vehicle Agency were met with a long line that wound around the Manahawkin Plaza.

Asbury Park Press

I generally approve of Gov. Murphy’s efforts to attempt to control the coronavirus. But the situation with the Division of Motor Vehicles is a complete disaster.

What was the governor thinking when he closed motor vehicles for three months?

I am an above-the-knee amputee having lost my leg with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and I am an old man. I have tried to get to motor vehicles to register the used car I bought and renew my license. At 7 AM I counted several hundred people on line – none were social distancing and very few were wearing masks. So in making efforts to reduce exposure to the coronavirus, the DMV has created a situation that virtually ensures spread of the virus! Furthermore on Route 130 by the motor vehicle office in South Brunswick, dozens and dozens of cars are parked on the shoulder illegally thereby just about guaranteeing car accidents, injury and possibly death.

Know before you go:  NJ MVC extends license, registration expiration dates, sets up ticket system for customers

I have met people that have stood on line for hours only to be told to come back tomorrow. I am physically incapable to stand for 15 minutes, let alone hours. And because of my age I must use the bathroom frequently. The governor and the state of New Jersey have made it impossible for me and thousands of other handicapped people.

Try calling DMV? Six hours and no luck! Try calling the governor’s office? Five times – only to be told each time, “Nothing can be done  We will make your concerns known to the governor.” Contact your local representatives? Several phone calls and numerous e-mails for one month? Finally I was given a link that does not allow me to renew my license nor register my car. Told to bring a chair! Can you picture trying to walk with a walker, with one leg, carrying the necessary documents, and strap a chair to my back? Finally a staff member stated that a representative would call me. Never happened. I am disgusted.

Thank you to our state representatives. Beyond useless.

The DMV, the governor and our state representatives are a disgrace.

Fredric J. Geiger is a Tuckerton resident.

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