Get Top Cash For Old, Scrap & Junk Vehicle at WA Car Removals

Get The Best Car Disposal For Cash Service – Why You Should Choose Us!

  • A professional removal brand
  • Reliable removal service with no hidden charges
  • Current scrap metal market value prices
  • Free residential and commerical car removal throughout Perth, WA

WA Car Removals brand is the most popular car removal and cash for cars service in Perth WA. The company is known for being the best in the industry, and we offer the highest prices around for your old, used, scrap, damaged or unwanted car. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, friendly and professional service.

WA Car Removals is an expert in the junk scrap car wrecking, free car removal and cash for scrap cars. We have over 20 years of expertise in the car removal industry, and our reputation for being one of the best cash for cars companies in Perth is well earned.

We are at the top of the pack when it comes to being one of Perth’s reputable ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling companies because we’re dedicated to recycling vehicles that have no hope for repair.  We are a licensed “End of Life Vehicle Center,” and we have government Environment Agency registration. We take cars, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, and we accept them in any condition: old, rusted, damaged, wrecked, unwanted, no longer working, used cars.

Free Car Removal For Cash Service For All Your Unwanted, Old, Scrap Vehicle!

How do I sell my junk car to you? You will need to have your driver’s license or photo ID available when the driver arrives to pick up your car. The legal paperwork required to sell your car will be completed onsite by our driver, and you will receive a copy of the legal paperwork once the driver finished.

Pick Up Unwanted Cars Now! We’ll Pay Top Cash Even If You Don’t Have Rego Papers For Your Car?

Can I still sell my junk or sell my car if I don’t have my rego papers? No problem! We will still offer you the best market car price for your vehicle even without your rego papers (as long as the car’s engine and gearbox is still intact).  The appraiser will complete the needed paperwork for sale and give you a copy once complete. Just make sure you have your photo ID or driver’s license handy when the driver arrives to pick up your vehicle.

Use Caution When Selling Your Unwanted Or Used Vehicle to Car Removal and Cash for Cars Companies In Perth:

Not all car removal companies are like WA Car Removals because we have over 20 years of experience in this vehicle removal industry. We are a legitimate car removal company that is licensed, insured and legally registered as one of Perth’s car removal companies.  Some car removal companies boast about having many branches of their service, but none of them offers quality service like our two branches throughout Perth offer. Also, beware of companies providing a high quote over the phone but offering less when they arrive to pick up your vehicle.

With WA Car Removal, we make it a point to provide the most appropriate market price for your car before we come to pick up the car. So, make sure you provide us with as many details as you can about the car while we are preparing your quote to ensure a more accurate offer. Also, any car removal company worth using will have a car removal license number and a valid ABN. Contact us if you have more questions about how to choose the right car removal company for you and for the environment.

Free car removal anywhere in Perth, we pay top cash for all models and brands. So give us a call now on 0422 622 617.

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