Good News from the Industry as it Rallies Against the Spread of Covid-19 [Update: Santa Cruz Bicycles Produces Face Masks]

Among the constant bad news about the worsening spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and people in the bike industry are trying to make the most of a bad situation. Check out some of the positive news stories to come through our inbox.

Santa Cruz Bicycles’ R&D Team Uses CNC Machinery to Produce Face Shields for Local Medical Staff

Although Santa Cruz, California is in a shelter-in-place like most of the world, Santa Cruz Bicycles’ R&D team is at work producing face shields (PPE) for local medical staff using sheets of plastic cut using their CNC machinery typically used for cutting carbon fiber as well as 3D printers used for prototyping.

The equipment is able to make up to 20 face shield lenses every 9 minutes, yielding ~1000 shields per day. Ten days were spent evaluating designs, developing multiple prototypes and getting feedback from local healthcare professionals to ensure the end product suited their needs. 3D printers are used to make reusable and sterilizable support frames using open source CAD designs. Enough material has been procured to produce 8,000 face shields in two different designs in the next week. 75 face shields from the pilot run were delivered to the Santa Cruz County Donation Center today. The team isn’t working in isolation, this is a community effort, working with volunteers, medical professionals and other local companies to coordinate efforts into effective and rapid action to address the anticipated needs.

With a little help from everyone, we’ll get through this together and come out as an even tighter community on the other side.

If you’d like to help donate to the cause you can find the Santa Cruz Community local COVID-19 response fund info here.

Bell + Giro Donate 3000+ Goggles to Healthcare Workers

Bell and Giro, major providers of outdoor sports and recreation products, today announced the donation of 3,194 protective goggles to America’s frontline healthcare workers combating the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus. The goggles, held and distributed at Vista Outdoor’s Rantoul, Illinois manufacturing and distribution facility, will be delivered to hospitals and other public health facilities in 18 states and 41 different health care facilities.

“Our Bell and Giro products are designed first and foremost to keep people safe, whether they are commuting to work or recreating in the outdoors. In light of the ongoing pandemic, our products are now proving to be an essential element for health care workers responding to the unprecedented public health crisis the world faces as we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chris Sword, President of Bell + Giro. “This personal protective equipment, or PPE can help doctors, nurses, and other first responders focus on what they do best, and where they are needed most. Bell + Giro, and the entire Vista Outdoor family is indebted to our country’s medical professionals, and it is our duty to do everything we can to support them.”

The donation was done in coordination with Goggles for Docs, a newly formed organization that gets ski, mountain bike, and motorcycle goggles into the hands of healthcare workers who currently have no eye protection as they treat COVID-19 patients. The organization was created by members of the ski and snowboard industry after reading various reports that goggles had turned into valuable personal protective equipment for health care workers. More than 13,000 goggles have been donated thus far.

For more, please visit their website at:

Dario Acquaroli Donates his World Championship Winning Bike to Corona Relief Effort

Dario Acquaroli is donating his 1996 Under 23 winning bike to help support the Mobile Intensive Care Units in Bergamo, Italy. Caroli beat Cadel Evans to take the win on September 17 1996 aboard this custom titanium hardtail and has kept hold of the bike for nearly 25 years.

Acquaroli competed in 19 UCI World Championships in total with the Italian national team, winning two European Championships (1992, 1993), two UCI World Championships (Juniors in 1993, U23 in 1996) and five Italian Championships (1992, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2005) with Team Bianchi, Full-Dynamix and Sintesi Larm.

He told the UCI: “Many people I know have died or are sick. The situation is worse than you can imagine reading in the news. But here we don’t cry too much, we roll up our sleeves and give our contribution.”

To win the bike, you can donate as little as $10 on his Wishraiser, here.

Acquaroli said: “I would be happy if the winner is someone who appreciates the value of that object and who understood that I donated it with my heart and for the cause. I imagine the bike hanging on a wall in the house and guests who come for dinner and ask what it is, and they can discover the story behind it. It’s nice if the winner of the bike is a simple person, who just donated only 10 euros.”

Smith Optics and 100% offer protective eyewear to caregivers and hospital workers

Both Smith Optics and 100% have announced programs that will see both brands provide personal protective equipment to those working hardest against the spread of the virus. Smith is currently sending out goggles to fufill hospital requests and they are asking the riding community to donate goggles or money to the cause. 100% have announced that so far they have donated over 1000 pairs of eyewear to caregivers who are being asked to buy their own Personal Protection Equipment.

bigquotes The Goggles for Docs program materialized in just a few days to support hospital need, and is based solely on volunteer support and product donation. Smith is currently sending new and used goggles to fulfill hospital requests, and will continue to promote the program, encouraging our community to volunteer and donate on an individual level.⁣

Beginning today at 7pm EST on Facebook, Goggles for Docs is hosting a virtual Après Ski Music Series of live-streamed sets by featured artists – where listeners can tune in and donate goggles or cash contributions that will directly purchase additional protective gear for medical staff.⁣

For more information visit the link in our bio
Smith Optics
bigquotes Stronger together. 100% Together.

With so many caregivers being encouraged to purchase their own Personal Protection Equipment, we thought we would help them out. We are pleased to have donated over 1,000 pairs of sports performance eyewear, all outfitted with clear, UltraHD lenses to those fighting on the front lines, our heroes. We will get through this, together.


Velocio launches 2020 Unity jersey to benefit efforts battling COVID-19

New England based cycling apparel brand Velocio has announced the launch of their 2020 Unity jersey which will see 100% of profits go to three charities that are working hard to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chosen three charities are Save the Children, Project C.U.R.E and Corona Virus Relief Fund.

bigquotes Velocio Apparel, a New England-based cycling brand specializing in performance apparel, announced today the launch of a benefit jersey to benefit aid for those suffering through COVID-19 crisis.

Founded in 2017 with the goal to “Make a difference at least in some small way,” Velocio’s Unity project develops a new jersey annually that speaks to a chosen initiative, an issue that requires the world to come together to work for a greater good. 100% of the profits from Unity Jersey sales are donated to charities that embody their mission.

This year’s Unity Jersey is aimed to give aid to those who need it in these times. 100% of the profits from the effort will support three non-profit organizations. Save the Children / No Kid Hungry, Project C.U.R.E. and The Corona Virus Relief Fund, all crucial nonprofits aimed at stemming the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

The pre-order opens April 2, 2020 and closes May 1, 2020. All preorders are expected to ship by August 1, 2020. Velocio encourages those unable to contribute through the jersey pre-order to consider donating to the charities directly.

For more information on the UNITY project, log onto

Shotgun release 30 free illustrations for kids to colour in at home

Shotgun are releasing 30 ‘Shred Til Bed’ MTB animal illustrations for kids to collect and color every day during April.

bigquotes With coronavirus putting the world into lock-down, we realise a lot of families can’t get onto the trails right now, so this is our way of trying to keep the MTB stoke alive at home. Hopefully we’re all back on the trails before we know it.Dan, Shotgun

And all illustrations are drawn by the super talented Mike Hearsey from, who is certainly worth a follow on the gram if you like bike art. Subscribe for the drawings, here.

Muc-Off looks to offer help with the short supply of hand sanitizer bottles

Muc-Off has announced that they are going to be slowing down their regular production of lubricant and bike care products, which frees them up to make bottles that can be used by hand sanitiser producers. The company were seeing reports that makers of hand sanitizers were struggling to find bottles to fill with their product due to the overwhelming demand so they decided to launch a scheme for producers of hand gel to sign up through a form on their website to request a supply of plastic bottles.

bigquotes Lots of stories are doing the rounds regarding a lack of plastic bottles in circulation for anti-bacterial gel manufacturers. To try and do our bit to help rectify this, we are slowing the production of our lubes to make our 50ml and 120ml bottles available for anti-bacterial producers to use.

USA Cycling to assist companies who are supporting those in need with the ‘Bikes Give Back’ program

With companies offering their support for those in need by using their manufacturing services to produce face masks and ventilators, USA Cycling have announced their new ‘Bikes Give Back’ program which will see 50% of all memberships sales given directly to support companies who have pledged aid to those who need it. Currently, the cycling federation has committed to providing financial support through the program until 3 May 2020, which is when their domestic event suspensions will expire.

Scicon Sports to produce face masks and protective eyewear

Scicon Sports joins the ranks of companies using their factories to produce personal protection items. The company has converted its production line to make respirator face masks and protective eyewear in response to requests from companies, private entities and law enforcement agencies for protective equipment.

Panaracer will continue to financially support events despite cancellations

Panaracer has announced that they will still pay sponsorships and attendance fees to all of the events that were previously on its schedule that have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. The list includes over 30 events that were going to be supported by the company.

bigquotes We see supporting the cycling community, and especially events in 2020, as an investment in the future of the sport, and a way to recognise event promoters for the role they play in the cycling community,” said Panaracer’s Jeff Zell.

“For decades, events have been an important part of how Panaracer engages cycling and cyclists, and we look forward to reconnecting with all of you, when it is safe to do so. Additionally, events are a proving ground for products and technologies, and we intend to continue to develop our tires, in part, through these venues.

The Bike Project launches virtual bike maintenance classes to teach people how to repair their own bikes

UK charity ‘The Bike Project’, which donates bikes to refugees in the UK, has launched virtual “Dr Bike” sessions. These will be one-to-one video sessions delivered by their team of mechanics with the aim to help people fix their bikes. All National Health Service staff are being offered the sessions for free to ensure they can keep using their bikes as a way to get to and from work.

Find out more here.

Santini and Kitsbow shift clothing production to make facemasks
Performance clothing manufacturer Santanti announced this week that with the falling sales of its clothing range due to the virus it was planning to instead shift its production lines towards masks with the aim to produce 10,000 a day. The masks once produced will be given to those fighting against the spread of COVID-19.

Talking to local news outlet, BergamoNews.It, the marketing manager for Santini, Paola Santini, said: “We have made the prototype, now we are waiting for the go-ahead from the Politecnico di Milano which is testing it and from Monday 23rd of March we could put our mask into work. We have already tested the machinery and we are ready to produce ten thousand masks per day. We receive many requests, but the priority will be addressed to Bergamo and its province, because we touch the difficulties of our hospitals and how much they still work in companies with their own hands.”

Kitsbow have also decided to start making protective equipment for local first responders and medical staff. They have apparently already had an order for 26,000 units that will ship on Monday. Read more on Bicycle Retailer, here.

Industry Nine hopes to shift manufacturing to support fighting the virus

Industry Nine has announced on social media that they have CNC machines ready to make parts that could be in short supply because of the COVID-19 outbreak. In their statement, they specifically mention ventilator components but they are asking anyone to get in contact with them if they think they can help them make the items that are in desperate need during the crisis we are currently all facing.

bigquotes Industry Nine is in a position to help with manufacturing parts needed and assisting supply efforts in combating the virus outbreak. At our disposal are dozens of CNC machines ready to make parts in short supply like ventilator components. Our engineering teams have years of robotics and automation experience ready to support companies producing PPE like masks and gloves. We’re reaching out to our contact network to find ways to support these industries in need, but now we’re calling on our dedicated followers to help us connect with other manufacturers or suppliers. If you think you can help us in this effort please email:⁣

[email protected]⁣⁣
Please share with or tag people/friends who may be of help. Thank you all – please be safe! ⁣⁣
Industry Nine

Monkey’s Sauce begins produce hydroalcoholic gel to supply hospitals

Monkey’s Sauce has decided to use its large stock of glycerin and alcohol to produce alcoholic gel for hospitals. Monkey’s Sauce said: “Monkey’s Sauce and Hexis Group (our parent company, manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl films) produce hydroalcoholic gel to supply hospitals. Glycerin is a major component of our sealant and we use alcohol to clean all machines & to produce some products like Hexis Shagclean. As we have a lot of stock that’s why we decided to produce hydroalcoholic gel. Thank you to all the staff currently working at the factory while respecting the safety rules”

BMZ Group stops production of batteries for ebikes to make batteries for ventilators

The BMZ Group, who produce Li-ion batteries that are used in e-Bikes, has decided to convert their production lines to make Li-ion batteries for medical equipment with a focus on ventilators, which are in short supply across the world. They have found that companies producing ventilators desperately need batteries with the company seeing a 50% increase in inquiries.

BMZ Founder and CEO Sven Bauer told Cycling Industry News: “For us, health protection is paramount. That is why we didn’t hesitate for a moment when we received a distressed call from manufacturers of urgently needed ventilators. We are in the fortunate situation of having access to an extensive inventory, allowing us to increase the number of batteries we produce for use in medical technology.”

RGT Cycling indoor training app has been made free to users

With some parts of the world on full lockdown and others asking to limit any potentially dangerous activities more riders have been looking towards indoor training apps to get in some miles. While Zwift has offered up some added events, RGT Cycling has decided to make their platforms completely free to users. The programs, which normally cost £12.99 (per month), will now be available to everyone at no charge for the time being as they want to encourage people to stay indoors and not put themselves in a situation where they might add to the strain of healthcare services.

Alex Serban, the founder and CEO of RGT, told Cycling News: “As the impact of COVID-19 is felt around the world, this mission has become more important than ever and after watching inspiring communities come together to support each other, our need to do everything we can to help became obvious.

“At a time when focusing on profit would be easy, this removal of restrictions will provide free access for all and, we hope, offer some support to the cycling community.”

Cycling shops report a rise in sales as more people look to cycling as a mode of transport
Cycling Industry News reported earlier this week that with the spread of COVID-19 and the worries over using public transport they have found that bike shops have been seeing a rise in sales.

Energise e-Bikes has found that they are selling to people who they would not normally serve with a spike in sales at weekends. They told Cycling Industry News: “We did have a spike on the weekend sales-wise, particularly in the 30 to 40-year-old commuter demographic, which we don’t see that often.

Tring Motion’s David Barnett, hasn’t found quite the same kind of sales as Energise but they have seen more people coming to have repairs on their bikes: “Mine has been mainly repairs, activity has increased despite my website being offline for a few days. I have had an uptick on lower priced units, for sure.”

Bicycle Retailer has also reported that New York has seen a rise in sales with New York city bridge counters seeing increased traffic and Citi Bike share system finding a usage increase of over 50%.

In the same report, it mentions that Bicycle Habitat which has three locations in the city has found increases of over 75% in their shops since the outbreak of COVID-19. Charlie McCorkell, owner of Bicycle Habitat told Bicycle Retailer: “We’ve been pretty busy; we’re an important part of the whole system right now and we’re doing our best to keep it going.

“We’re seeing sales in two categories: the transportation category and the other is what I call ‘normalizing your children’s experience in a time of crisis.’ We’re selling a lot of kids bikes. I think parents are trying to give kids a good experience as opposed to everything sucks out there.”

Trash Free Trails announce selfless isolation initiative with the DIY spring trail clean
Trash Free Trails were set to kick off their Spring Trail Clean tour next month, which would have seen them head to 10 locations across the UK to clean up the trails from plastic waste left behind by trail users. But with the spread of the virus and government restrictions, the plans could not go ahead but that does not mean that trails can’t be cleaned. To keep their idea going, they have announced ‘Selfless Isolation’, which involves anyone interested to head out to their local trails and pick up any rubbish that you can find. Even if we can’t have as much fun on our bikes at the moment we can at least make sure that the places we ride stay clean and healthy for when we can return to the trails.

bigquotes At Trash Free Trails, we strongly believe that now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to provide people with ways to stay connected with each other and with nature. Over the coming weeks, it will also be vital that we all find ways to feel purposeful over this worrisome period — to feel like we have achieved something significant. As we have seen so many times, the simple action of removing a handful of plastic pollution from the places we love can be an incredibly powerful and symbolic act.

So we’re not going to cancel or postpone the Spring Trail Clean Tour. Nope, we’re just going to change things up a little. We’ve decided to overhaul our recently announced Spring Trail Clean Tour, and call for some ‘selfLESS isolation’!

Trash Free Trails

bigquotes Here’s the plan:

– We were really hoping that up to 1000 people would join us in giant, glorious groups of trail loving trash hunters, but that’s going to have to wait a while.

– But just as we were settling in for a little sulk we realised that we don’t have to be together to work TOGETHER to #protectwhatwelove.

– Idea We’re going to hijack the #selflisolation & #socialdistancing hashtags of doom for GOOD by asking thousands of you to do your own #selfLESSisolation #DIYTrailClean whenever you are able to escape into our wild and beautiful places.

– Now this is the key. Every individual positive action makes a difference. But, when we share and connect these incredible individual actions, something truly awesome happens. So, please shout it from the hilltops! Use social media to connect our dots and create a giant, noisy network of action!

As outdoor sportspeople we know you’ll all have been thinking the same as us; “will we still be able to ride, run and roam our trails and wild places?”. Whilst things are changing faster than Danny Hart’s Champerey run the current guidance from the UK government, Mountain Rescue England and Wales, the British Mountaineering Council, British Cycling and the National Trust is that we CAN still head out into our hills, forests, trails and rivers as long as we are playing well within our CAPABILITIES. We’ll be keeping a super close eye on this and will be updating our community constantly to make sure we all remain responsible with our actions. We also ask that anyone joining us from afar strictly follows the guidance and law being applied where they live!

Are you in? Ace! Click the link below to view more detailed plans and assets for our re-launch. If you’d like to join in, here are our #s and handles to get you started:

#1000positiveacts #stayconnected #selflessisolation #springtrailclean #DIYTrailClean #trasfreetrails

Trash Free Trails

It is important to remember your own country’s guidelines when outside your home. If your government is suggesting ‘social distancing’ then please follow the rules and remain at least 2 meters away from other people (try not to visit your trails in large groups) and do not travel unless it is necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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