Innovations and technologies of the modern car: why is it so different from vintage cars?

Innovations and technologies of the modern car: why is it so different from vintage cars?

Many aspects of human life have seen drastic changes in the evolvement of technology, and cars have sure experienced a lot of innovation and evolvement too. Vintage cars and the modern kinds of cars are worlds apart in the sense that many advancements have occurred from; fuel injection, self-driving technologies, phone charging in the car and so much more.

Even the racing speed of the modern cars have been upgraded from what it used to be in the past, engines and car capacities have experienced various levels of upgrades and still, change is bound to occur in the nearest future as well with the use of more advanced technology.

Top five innovations that have occurred over time used in the modern car

As maintained on, there are many car innovations and technologies which have occurred over time in the manufacture of cars. Many car dealers online now offer a test drive and car delivery services once a vehicle is purchased from their online shops.

One of the top innovations of the modern car is the placement of engines in front of the car. Before now, the car engines were placed at the back until it was discovered that a front car engine would maximize and improve car usage.

GPS navigation with a smartphone is another innovation, and it occurred first in Japan in the 90s. Since then, many car manufacturers have introduced GPS navigation in modern cars and now with the advancement in smartphone integration, the use of these GPS is quicker in response.

Voice recognition in cars is regarded as one of the latest innovations in automobiles. With voice recognition, there is no use of a mobile phone while driving since you can just communicate with your smartphone by using your voice.

Keyless entry and engine start is a pretty recent innovation. Many modern cars do not require the use of a key before they are accessed. The electronic key fob allows the user to open the car from a distance and also start the car engine with no key, just a push button.

Automatic booth opening in modern cars means that there is no need to open your car booth with your hands. Rather, all that is required is to push a button and you can get your things in easily.

How technology refined the way modern automobiles are used

Technology has made a lot of changes in the automobiles industry with some prominent features such as solar energy in cars, electricity as fuel, navigation and so on.

A prominent feature used in the manufacture of modern cars is the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) which makes use of radar and cameras to assess the road when driving, and the Google car which has been programmed already in the car.


With technology evolving at the speed of light, we can only wonder what innovations are to be expected in the nearest future in regards to automobiles. Some modern cars come with parts of these innovations, while others have the full features present in the cars just that they all vary in the prices depending on the choice of the user.