Jersey Village Police Officer shoots after suspect hits him with vehicle

On July 23, Jersey Village Police officers were investigating a report of a stolen vehicle, caught by a Flock Safety Camera near a Shell gas station, when the suspect in the reported vehicle accelerated and hit one of the officers.

The officer shot the suspect in his right shoulder and hand before he was arrested according to a Jersey Village Police Department press release. JVPD Chief Kirk Riggs said the officer stricken by the vehicle was taken to the hospital but has no serious injuries.

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“He was struck by the vehicle and his knees, his left elbow and his neck is sore,” Riggs said. “We took him to the hospital and had him checked out and he’s at home currently resting.”

Two other officers were present at the scene but were not injured, Riggs said. The suspect also hit a JVPD squad car.

The Flock System is used by JVPD to track suspicious vehicles and other suspects by their license plate.

“We have a Flock System, which are cameras in the city that are license plate readers that will give you alerts when you have a stolen vehicle or someone is put on a list for aggravated assault or they’re a robbery suspect or a sexual assault suspect,” Riggs said. “The system will notify us via text and email and we’ll dispatch the officers to the location.”

The suspect was previously arrested for burglary of a motor vehicle and evading arrest in the past according to the JVPD press release. The man has been charged with first-degree aggravated assault on a public servant and will be transported to the Harris County Detention Center after he recovers from his injuries.

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