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💭 Tim Tibbs, Director of Operations East


“Here in Bethlehem, we have been supplying Oxygen to the hospitals in New York City and New Jersey. All of our drivers have stepped up their game and have gone above and beyond without question.

Two drivers, in particular, have shared stories with me that made them feel something they never felt before.”

1️⃣ Tim Barnes was delivering in New York City and the fire department was clearing a call. When they noticed our truck coming down the street, they stood together and clapped and gave our driver a thumbs up because they knew he was delivering Oxygen to the hospitals.

Tim said, “As I drive by the firehouse, I look at them as heroes and when they cheered as I drove by, I felt like I was the hero. I was honored to have them do that. It made me feel like everything we are doing is worth it.”

2️⃣ Corey Koerner shared a story of a doctor coming out in full PPE as he was leaving finishing his delivery at the hospital. The doctor asked if he was there to deliver Oxygen. When he replied that the delivery had already been made and he is on his way out, she began to jump with joy. Corey stated, “It made me feel good to know that what I am doing is appreciated by the ones needing it.”

Tim closed by stating, “Although truck drivers are not usually looked at as being in the same class as public servants such as fire, EMS, or doctors, without our drivers doing what they do, those services would not be able to operate.

Others that need recognition through this are the Mechanics that are keeping the equipment running. Without them, the entire system can shut down.

I just want to end in saying I am very proud of the team in Bethlehem, and KAG, as a whole for stepping up through this crisis.”

Together we are #KAGStrong.

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