Local bicycle shops facing shortage during coronavirus pandemic

CHICO, Calif. – Local bicycle shops are facing a shortage due to gyms being closed and people finding alternative ways to exercise.

“It has gotten progressively more frustrating because the demand has not dropped,” said Manager at Amain Cycling, Evan Billman.” There are still people looking for bikes.”

Billman said that they have customers come into the store every day, but can’t always provide bikes for their customers.

“We have people coming in hoping to buy a new bike, and a lot of them, unfortunately, we have to put on a waitlist or tell them we just can’t get it at the moment,” said Billman. 

Currently, Amain Cycling only has a third of what they normally carry. 

“Most of what we are missing is the most popular stuff,” said Billman. “The entry-level, and the four, five hundred dollar bikes are very popular and we sell a lot of them and those are what we can’t carry right now.”

Although there has been a shortage of bikes in his store, he is still finding ways to remain positive.

“This has been very unexpected, but very exciting that so many people are riding bikes,” he said.

Billman said he is not sure when the shop will receive its next shipment of bikes, and in the meantime, he hopes that customers remain patient. 

Customers can call ahead to Amain Cycling at 530-894-6075 to see what they have available before heading into the shop. 

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