Manheim Continues Industry Support During Pandemic – Auctions

 - Photo: Manheim

Photo: Manheim

Manheim is providing discounts and waiving fees for its online services to support customers and clients whose businesses are impacted by closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a release from Manheim.

The company said it was waiving the sell fee on its Manheim Express app, which is for digital wholesale buying and selling, on all self-listed vehicles in April. It’s also offering independent auction discounts on OVE sales through May 31, and providing a 30-day complimentary trial for clients to Central Dispatch, which connects dealers, brokers, shippers and others directly with vehicle logistics carriers.

Manheim is also introducing a new weekend OVE event sale to motivated sellers willing to accept offers to move surplus inventory. Manheim is also supporting the roll-out of RideKleen’s new surface disinfecting and air cleansing service for dealers and fleet operators. This service is designed to drive customer confidence when arranging at-home test drives, buying cars or servicing vehicles through dealers – knowing the vehicle is sanitized. 

Manheim also announced additional operational updates:

  • Digital channels and tools are fully operational.
  • Simulcast-only sales will continue at Manheim locations, where local, state and national directives allow.
  • All auction locations are closed to buyers and sellers, and only vehicle pick-up and drop off is allowed.
  • All Simulcast selling will be handled via Manheim’s Remote-Seller tool.

Several ongoing policies put in place by Manheim include:

  • Waiving Simulcast buyer and seller fees
  • Waiving fees for sellers for vehicles sold without title such as Title Absent (TA)
  • Temporarily changing our Arbitration policy by not allowing arbitration on a TA vehicle
  • Directing them to the Manheim Learning Center for ways to learn and save time when doing business digitally 

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