Motorcycle importers should see themselves as professionals

Like every other profession, importing motorcycles is a specialization. Importing motorcycles could make you good money and it could be a very lucrative business. But there are some things that motorcycle importers should keep in mind in order to be successful in this business. It should come as a given that before getting into this business you have to make sure that you are interested in motorcycles in the first place. Being ok with doing something is very different than being passionate about it. If you really want to succeed in any business, having a passion for what you’re doing is definitely key. But once you know you are actually interested in doing this for a living, you have to get yourself informed with the conditions, rules and regulations of this business. But this is just the start.

Things motorcycle importers should be aware of

After you have decided to actually pursue this as a career you have to make sure that you are up to date with the newest trends for motorcycles around the world and especially in the country that you are thinking of importing motorcycles to. The people in each country have their own taste in motorcycles, the same way they have their own taste in pretty much anything else. One brand or model or category of motorcycles that may be extremely popular in one country may be totally unknown in another country. For example Harley Davidson’s may be extremely popular in the US, while there may be absolutely no demand for Harleys in many other countries. Also the demographics of people who ride motorcycles differs significantly from one country to another.


Interesting trends that some overlook

As I mentioned above one very important thing that all motorcycle importers should keep in mind is the demographics of their target market. For example, while in Northern European countries or Canada and the United States many wealthier people buy motorcycles and ride them as a hobby or as a status symbol in most Asian countries they are mostly used by the poorest people in society who don’t have the financial means to buy a car. Also in Southeast Asian countries the percentage of females riding motorcycles is almost the same as males whereas in many other countries riding motorcycles is a significantly male dominated thing. Even in terms of age groups, you see people of all ages riding motorcycles in most Southeast Asian countries whereas in many other countries the people who ride motorcycles are usually young unless they are riding Harleys.