OEM Motorcycle Parts and Aftermarket Parts

It is said that life is full of choices and this holds for motorcycle parts as well. In my view, the choice comes down to the kind of relationship you have with your motorcycle. If you have a personal attachment to your motorcycle, as many do, you will choose the best. Careful consideration should be given here because your choice to buy OEM motorcycle parts or Aftermarket motorcycle parts often involves issues of trust and the availability of accurate information.

There are people who purchase OEM motorcycle parts because they trust the manufacturer and then there are those who do so because they are loyal to a brand. I think this simplifies life a great deal but in my case, I prefer buying depending on my intentions. If I aim to improve the performance of my machine, then I may consider Aftermarket motorcycle parts. When it comes to replacing a part that has been performing exceptionally well for me, then I have no problem going for OEM motorcycle parts.

OEM Motorcycle Parts

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Ideally, that should mean that they were made by the original manufacturer. However, in today’s globalized world everyone ought to know that manufacturing jobs are outsourced and different motorcycle parts are made by different manufacturers located in different parts of the globe. Therefore, OEM motorcycle parts are not automatically of superior quality when compared to Aftermarket motorcycle parts. Nevertheless, if you should buy OEM parts, they carry the advantage of having a warranty, which should give you peace of mind. The major disadvantage of OEM motorcycle parts is that they are costly. You may end up paying as much as 60% more compared to Aftermarket motorcycle parts.

Aftermarket motorcycle parts

Aftermarket parts are made by third parties and are not associated with your motorcycle brand. Nonetheless, they are in competition with the original brand and, as such, may end up manufacturing better quality parts and accessories at reduced prices. They also have the additional advantage of being widely available compared to OEM motorcycle parts.

The main disadvantage of Aftermarket motorcycle parts is that they normally don’t come with a warranty and therefore, some customers may consider them a bit of a gamble. At times they also have compatibility issues in relation to the make or model of your motorcycle.

In the long run, the choice you make will depend on your wallet and intentions.