Police investigate Kent vehicle burglaries

KENT — An investigation is underway after several vehicles in town were broken into over the weekend.

The crimes occurred in the Geer Mountain Road area Saturday night. Items were taken from the vehicles and authorities say many of the cars had been left unlocked in residential driveways.

Kent Resident State Trooper Andrew Fisher is asking all residents to be vigilant, lock their vehicles, not leave valuables in their vehicles and keep their homes secure.

Town officials said there will be an increased police presence in Kent as state police investigate the break-ins.

Other towns like Newtown, New Milford and Ridgefield have seen an uptick in vehicle burglaries and thefts in recent weeks.

Four vehicles were reported stolen last month in Ridgefield. Last week, two vehicles were stolen in Newtown and several cars were “stolen and ransacked” in New Milford, according to police.

Police in each town said the targeted cars had been unlocked with keys left inside.

In response to the recent increase in vehicle burglaries in other towns, Sherman issued a warning to residents Friday, advising them to be vigilant, lock their vehicles and homes, and report suspicious activity to state police.

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