Red Bike bicycle-share system to shut down in Cincinnati


Why slowing the spread of the new Coronavirus matters in Ohio.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Red Bike, a regional bike-share system, will shut down as part of the City of Cincinnati’s fight against the spread of novel coronavirus, the severe acute respiratory syndrome that causes the disease COVID-19. 

Red Bike stations will be shut down overnight Sunday, and will remain closed pending further instructions from the city, officials stated in a Sunday news release.

Red Bike employees will remain employed during the shutdown, officials with the non-profit organization said in the news release.

“We know that many people rely on Red Bike as their primary means of transportation, but we all have to do our part in these trying times. We must flatten the curve to slow the spread of this deadly virus and keep our friends and loved ones safe,” Jason Barron, executive director of Red Bike, said in the release. “We completely support the city in their efforts to manage this crisis and keep everyone safe and healthy.”

Red Bikes are parked near Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati, Thursday, April 25, 2019.The ride share program has 442 bikes and 57 stations around the city.  (Photo: Liz Dufour/The Enquirer)

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Other transportation options still exist for locals.

Metro buses in Ohio and TANK buses in Kentucky are fare-free.  

Free Metro rides started Sunday. 

The fare suspension, which would have to be reauthorized every month, is expected to benefit workers in “essential” industries, who are still allowed to go to work under Gov. Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order.

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