Fans to International: Build a modern Scout

In a quiet backwater of the new-vehicle market during the 1960s and much of the ’70s, four rugged off-road vehicles battled annually for the few thousand sales available: Land Rover’s Series II (precursor to the Defender), the Jeep CJ (today’s Wrangler), the original soft-top Ford Bronco and the International Scout.

Two of those are once again available. The new Land Rover Defender arrived at U.S. dealers this spring, and an all-new Bronco arrives in less than a year. The Wrangler, of course, never went away and for decades has been uncontested in many ways.

Only one of those original off-road 4X4s is missing from showrooms today: The Scout, which arrived in 1961 — five years before the Bronco — and can legitimately lay claim as one of America’s first true SUVs.

It isn’t really clear who made America’s first SUV. Chevrolet claims the Suburban, which has been in production since

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Build Vacuum pump from Bicycle Pump –

Vacuum pump adapting a bicycle air pump

Build Vacuum pump from Bicycle Pump

Build Vacuum pump from Bicycle Pump


a) a bicycle air pump

b) a 10ml syringe

) a disposal infusion set (HANACO +, made in China)

d) plastic tube (internal diameter 6mm, length 50 cm)


1.  Take a bicycle air pump apart, reverse the packing at the top of the piston rod and set the piston rod into the cylinder as shown in Fig.5.

2.  If the air pump has an outlet valve, remove it.

3.  Make an inlet valve using a disposal infusion set and a 10ml syringe as shown in Fig.6.

4.  Attach the inlet valve to the outlet of the air pump.

5.  Attach an attachment (A or B) to the inlet valve.

Vacuum pump adapting a bicycle air pump
Vacuum pump adapting a bicycle air pump

Vacuum pump adapting a bicycle air pump 

See also: DIY homemade Vacuum Pump syringe

Download [PDF]A Manual Vacuum Pump

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How to Build a Bicycle Generator : 9 Steps

The intention of this project is to build a straight forward human powered generator from a used bicycle and to use it to power light bulbs, blenders, cell phones, laptops, and other small appliances. This project will help one develop engineering skills while learning about a clean way of generating electricity.

The project was created as part of Infrastructure Academy’s environmental technology curriculum for high school students, so it is intended to be both achievable and affordable.

Before continuing with the actual bicycle generator, one should understand how it works, and the components that make it up. View the PowerPoint presentation before moving on to the next step.


– 2″ X 4″ Wood
– Wrench
– V-belt
– Saw
– Diode
– Wood screws or nails
– Battery
– Hammer or Screwdriver
– Inverter
– Tape Measure
– Wire
– Screwdriver
– Motor (12-V or higher)

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