‘Apex of art and engineering’: Ontario premier, MPPs break ground on automotive innovation hub near Barrie

This is one way to get the region’s economy back on track.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, several provincial cabinet ministers and local politicians were on hand for a groundbreaking at Oro Station, an automotive innovation park north of Barrie, Aug. 20.

The facility is adjacent to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport in Oro-Medonte and, once complete, will feature 500,000 square feet of dedicated industrial and commercial space, housing and a 16-turn, 4.1-kilometre road-racing circuit designed for modern GT and vintage-car racing.

This is set to become a hub for vehicle research, innovation, restoration and performance mechanics and the “apex of art and engineering” that will maintain Ontario’s position as a “global automotive leader,” the project’s managing partner, Geoffrey Campbell, said.

“Over the past seven years, our engineering team has been working diligently to plan and design this incredible new facility,” he said at a podium, with a backdrop of dirt piles

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Auto-Ware (Autoware Inc) race car software data acquisition and engineering seminars for circle track, road racing, sports cars and muscle cars, engine, chassis and suspension, driver coaching

Auto-Ware (Autoware Inc) race car software data acquisition and engineering seminars for circle track, road racing, sports cars and muscle cars, engine, chassis and suspension, driver coaching




 Auto-Ware’s Racing and Performance Tech Site

   •  Software – Race Car, Sports Cars and Muscle Cars – engine, chassis and suspension

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   •  All types of Tech Info on racecar engines, chassis
and suspension setup for road

        racing, oval track and drag racing, and general automotive technology.

March  2020

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Engineering & Design | College of Science & Engineering

The Engineering & Design Department office is currently closed for the safety of students, staff, and faculty.  We are working remotely and are available to answer your questions.  Please call 360.650.3380 or send an email to [email protected]  We are available!  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


The Engineering & Design Department, in the College of Science and Engineering, offers access to four Bachelor of Science degrees: Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Plastics & Composites Engineering, and Industrial Design. These programs place an emphasis on practical laboratory experiences, in addition to theoretical course work. Each program’s curriculum is designed with input from strong industrial advisory committees to prepare students for professional positions in industry. It is important to know that admissions and advising information is specific to each major and students are encouraged to become familiar with the requirements. 


Graduates of the programs have consistently been placed in positions

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Vehicle Engineering – avl.com

Design Solution for Tractors

Knowledge about the newest materials and the necessary production processes that are required to meet a dynamic market with challenging

Homologation Support Solution for Tractors

A lot of legal issues have to be considered in order to receive official approval and homologation for on road

Tractor Engineering Solution

Flexible application diversity in a cost effective manner, productivity increase including precision as well as sustainability are driving the industry.

Cabin Development Solution for Agricultural Machines

Designing the perfect fitting cabin is the challenge. The industry is dealing with the comfort and functionality requirements of end


Vehicles communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, linking the powertrain to the vehicle’s environment opens new possibilities to

AVL Attribute Engineering

AVL’s attribute engineering focuses on balancing energy efficiency, best-in-class driving experience and excitement as well as the development of the


In the near future car

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CAR T Cells: Engineering Immune Cells to Treat Cancer

For years, the foundations of cancer treatment were surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Over the last two decades, targeted therapies like imatinib (Gleevec®)  and trastuzumab (Herceptin®) —drugs that target cancer cells by homing in on specific molecular changes seen primarily in those cells—have also cemented themselves as standard treatments for many cancers.

But over the past several years, immunotherapy—therapies that enlist and strengthen the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumors—has emerged as what many in the cancer community now call the “fifth pillar” of cancer treatment.

A Tipping Point in Clinical Development

A rapidly emerging immunotherapy approach is called adoptive cell transfer (ACT): collecting and using patients’ own immune cells to treat their cancer. There are several types of ACT (see the box below, titled “ACT: TILs, TCRs, and CARs”), but, thus far, the one that has advanced the furthest in clinical development is called CAR T-cell

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