Coventry Urged To Mark House Where J.K. Starley Developed World’s First Modern Bicycle

The worldwide accessibility and popularity of bicycling is due, in no small part, to John Kemp Starley. The promotions for his Rover Safety bicycle of the mid-1880s led to revolutions in transport and social mores. The billions of bicycles made since then can trace much of their ancestry back to a version of his ground-breaking machines, tested on a flat stretch of London Road on the outskirts of Coventry.

J. K. Starley developed his Safety bicycle—it was safer than than the high-wheel bicycles that preceded it—while he was living in a nondescript mid-terrace house on Gloucester Street, close to Coventry city center.

According to

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Fans to International: Build a modern Scout

In a quiet backwater of the new-vehicle market during the 1960s and much of the ’70s, four rugged off-road vehicles battled annually for the few thousand sales available: Land Rover’s Series II (precursor to the Defender), the Jeep CJ (today’s Wrangler), the original soft-top Ford Bronco and the International Scout.

Two of those are once again available. The new Land Rover Defender arrived at U.S. dealers this spring, and an all-new Bronco arrives in less than a year. The Wrangler, of course, never went away and for decades has been uncontested in many ways.

Only one of those original off-road 4X4s is missing from showrooms today: The Scout, which arrived in 1961 — five years before the Bronco — and can legitimately lay claim as one of America’s first true SUVs.

It isn’t really clear who made America’s first SUV. Chevrolet claims the Suburban, which has been in production since

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Oro Station is Ontario’s answer to the modern racing circuit

a close up of a green park

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Oro Station

Cynics will say that the world doesn’t need another motorsport facility, but evidence points to the contrary. In the last few years, venues like Monticello Motor Club in New York, Detroit’s M1 Concourse, and The Thermal Club in the Coachella Valley have opened with success. In Canada, British Columbia is home to two member-driven tracks, Area 27 in the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.


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Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and home to a number of existing circuits, but it lacks such a community-based destination. Until Geoffrey Campbell and Dan Gallo started dreaming up their ideas for Oro Station, that is.

Campbell, Oro Station’s managing partner, says that he and the other founders worked like a startup in stealth mode until recently, when they hosted government officials for an old-fashioned groundbreaking. “We worked through all of our zoning and our

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Buy these sketches from McLaren P1 and modern Mini designer Frank Stephenson to help a good cause

Automotive designer Frank Stephenson has created a YouTube series called “How I Designed” in which he discusses greatest hits like the first modern Mini. Now he is auctioning off sketches from the video series for charity, according to a Wednesday press release.

The online auction starts Aug. 1 and ends Aug. 14. Proceeds will go to Harrison’s Fund, which seeks to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare and fatal genetic disease affecting children.

Stephenson will auction off seven sketches—one for each episode of his video series. Each depicts a car he designed over his career. In addition to the first-generation BMW Mini, Stephenson designed its rival, the Fiat 500. He also designed the first-generation BMW X5 and the Ford Escort Cosworth, giving the car its famous biplane rear wing.

Frank Stephenson Ford Escort Cosworth sketch

Frank Stephenson Ford Escort Cosworth sketch

Supercars are represented as well. Stephenson penned the Ferrari F430 and Maserati

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Forlorn midcentury modern bank in SE Portland becomes sleek company headquarters (see before, after photos)

When the Postal Employees Credit Union building opened its Southeast Portland doors in 1962, looky-loos showed up to walk under a swooping ceiling and stare at blocks of bright red, blue and purple glass windows.

They checked out the aluminum shade screens, explored the H-shaped floor plan designed to draw in natural light from multiple directions and took note of other captivating trademarks of International style and Modernism architecture.

Unlike traditional banks adorned with formal flourishes, this simplified structure, decorated inside with a palette of tangerine, soft creams and browns, represented a swank new way to house money.

At the time, financial institution executives embraced cutting-edge modern design to send a message of openness, transparency and friendly convenience.

Supportive concrete pillars were installed on the sloping site to elevate the single-story credit union and make it appear lightweight and floating, and to allow for parking underneath and drive-up services.


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What Do You Think Of A Modern Monte Carlo?

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A digital rendering of a 2021 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by talented automotive artist TheSketchMonkey.

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo had a cult following, especially when it came to NASCAR fans, especially the late Dale Earnhardt. Produced for six generations, General Motors axed the Monte Carlo in 2007. The last two cars built at GM’s Oshawa Assembly plant were both finished in Precision Red paint over SS trim models. This rendering shows just what the Monte Carlo may look like if Chevy were to produce a 2021 model.

The rendering of this modern Monte Carlo was posted by TheSketchMonkey, a popular automotive digital artist. Finished in bright yellow, there’s no denying what this car is supposed to be without saying as the car was given hints of the sixth-generation Chevy Monte Carlo.

According to the artist, he points out that the C-pillar is

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