Anthony Jolly of Springfield injured crashing illegal dirt bike into car; police find him with unlawful gun, counterfeit money

SPRINGFIELD — A 31-year-old city man was seriously injured Tuesday night when he crashed an unregistered off-road motorcycle into a car at Oakland and Dickinson streets, police said.

Police spokesman Ryan Walsh said the man, Anthony Jolly of Northampton Avenue, suffered serious injuries when he was thrown about 15 feet after impact. Jolly was not wearing a helmet.

He was taken to Baystate Medical Center for treatment, where he was being held overnight, Walsh said. Once he is released, he faces several charges.

Just before the 8 p.m. crash, Jolly is said to have sped past a police cruiser that was traveling on Dickinson Street, Walsh said. He attempted to run a red light at Oakland and Dickinson when he hit the car, Walsh said.

Police found a loaded gun at the scene that they say was in Jolly’s possession but fell to the ground after impact. They also found

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