The Great Bike Shortage: How The Pandemic Caused a Bicycle Boom and a Worldwide Shortage – Press Release

Coronavirus has affected everyone in the world, but it may come as a surprise of how it has impacted the cycling industry. Bike shops are currently seeing a boom in sales, as people are rushing to get on two wheels.

The biggest sellers are entry-level bikes that are mainly used for commuting and fitness. This is because the pandemic has changed the way people live, either temporarily or permanently.

Who Is Buying The Bikes?

The people that are buying these bikes are people that are now reluctant to use public transport, as they want to be distanced from the crowds.

Another reason cycling has gained in popularity is that group activities and sports are not as available or as appealing as they were. Therefore, people are turning to two wheels as a socially distanced way of exercising.

Unfortunately, other people have had to find cheaper ways to get around, due to reduced income and increased uncertainty, and what better way to do this than with a bike?

Surely This Is A Good Thing For The Cycling Industry?

Some bike shops are seeing double the sales that they got in the same period last year. They are also extra busy with maintenance work. However, there are only so many bikes that can be produced. Bike factories have had to obey social distancing rules, meaning production has slowed down at a time when they need it to be at its best.

All this means that the supply chains have been severely disrupted. Bike shops are not receiving new stock of these commuter and entry-level bikes fast enough to meet the demand.

What Is The Solution?

Consumers have three solutions to get a bike during the shortage. The first is to buy a used bike. This comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. But as long as you buy a well looked after bike and it suits your type of riding, you should be OK.

The next solution is to build your own bike from scratch. If you can get the components either from a bike shop or online, you could have a bike that suits you perfectly. It will have the exact specifications and customizations you require. You will need the right tools, patience and some guidance. This guide from will set you on the right path.

Solution number three is a mixture of the first ones. You can build a bike from a collection of new and used parts. This is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of becoming mobile.

How Will This Affect The Future?

The world is changing, and bikes are set to be a big part of our future. Their use will evolve from being more than a fun way of exercising and become more essential in people’s lives. Cycling may be the way that our cities and towns get moving again. But the knock-on effect will be that people will become healthier and pollution will reduce.

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