Vehicle legal definition of vehicle

Arizona: Delivery by private vehicle or by any other method or carrier is an explicitly protected activity under P.L.
In its final ruling, FMCSA also stated: “Iowa DOT (Department of Transportation) noted that several carriers have removed the floor from flatbed vehicles, leaving the floor cross bracing intact, creating a skeletal vehicle, which allows the debris and fluids to escape from the bottom of the vehicle while in transit.”
“Motor vehicle accidents continue to kill Marines in Iraq and during training,” said Garvin.
According to market estimates, more than 3,800 armored vehicles were built in Brazil last year.
Sales of commercial truck vehicles will experience modest growth in 2006 due to continued vehicle replacement demand and response to future changes in EPA emission regulations.
The Supreme Court recognizes the need for law enforcement to search in the face of an emergency (4) or incident to arrest, (5) following the lawful seizure of property to inventory its contents, (6) based on the voluntary consent of a party who has authority over the property, and pursuant to the motor vehicle exception.
“Commercial vehicle buyers, whether business individuals or companies, have very specific requirements, including the need for reliable service throughout the life of their vehicle,” said Hiroshi Shimojo, general manager of marketing strategy at Nissan’s LCV business unit in a statement.
Those advances include a refinement of the Stanford vehicle‘s obstacle-avoidance system.
A new concept fuel cell hybrid vehicle: The Fine-X*
For starters, fuel cells are still too cost-prohibitive for conventional, commercial applications, despite the billion-dollar investments by global vehicle manufacturers.
If the TM states that a Class III leak makes the vehicle NMC if found during Before Operations PMCS, the vehicle is probably NMC as soon as you find it during operations.
The listings include hybrid and other alternative fuel vehicles. By selecting the Find and Corn pare Cars link, consumers can search an online database by model year, class, make, miles per gallon, and fuel requirements to find a vehicle to meet their personal requirements.

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