What to Consider When Booking a Car for Your Holiday?

You might quickly decide to book for that car for your holiday because of the luxurious features. However, there is more to just fancy and attractive features in a vehicle. Check out the following things to consider when booking a car for your holiday.

·       Which Type Of Car Works For You?

If it is a family holiday, there’s no point in hiring a two-seater convertible. And make sure your hired car has enough seats for anyone who is going to drive (passenger sitting on the knees is never a choice, except for tiny kids).

When you book your car online, it will show precisely how many seats the car has-for example, smaller cars appear to have just two seats in the back whereas larger cars would have three. When you have passengers in the rear, booking a car with at least four doors is worthwhile, so that everybody can quickly get in and out.

·       How Big Do You Need A Boot?

Remember how much boot room you will need, keeping in mind that everybody’s luggage would have to fit inside the trunk. It is not wise to put your luggage on the back seats because it can attract criminals and risk your travel insurance. BookingMonkey can be consulted online in a situation such as this.

·       Does Fuel Economy Matter?

While it’s certainly tempting to hit the open road in a V8 gas-guzzler, you do not want to waste half your budget on petrol. So, with the assumption that smaller cars are usually more fuel-efficient, map how far you’re going to go. Then approximately determine how much fuel that would be used in your favourite car form.

At the rental counter, specific models cannot be guaranteed, so instead think of the car class, such as compact, economical, luxurious, SUV etc. Always keep an eye out for the fuel policy of the rental car service, the most popular and sometimes the best option is a ‘full-to-full’ fuel policy, particularly for road-trippers. In case you find it tough analyzing the fuel policy, browse Norskeanmeldelser for reviews and more information about your preferred vendor.

·       Is Your Hire Car Within Your Price Range?

It can be very tempting to upgrade to a faster model, especially when it looks like it doesn’t necessarily increase the overall cost. But that little extra each day will add up quickly for a car hire worth one, two or three weeks. Then there’s the additional expense of petrol, more significant security deposit, then higher excesses that come with larger vehicles. When you have selected a model that ticks all your boxes, at the rental counter, you will happily avoid excessive spending, and stick to your budget.

·       Need an Automatic?

If you prefer driving a car with automatic gears and you want to stick to what you’re familiar with, look for the type of gears that each car has when you book. When selecting your rental car, particularly if you are travelling to a country where most cars have manual gears, it is worth watching out for.